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London Botox, our dos and don’ts

botox London Harley streetDid you know that approximately 2 million anti-wrinkle injections (Botox® treatments) are performed every year in the UK?

Made famous by TV, film and pop stars over the past 20 years, Botox® is arguably the most popular injectable anti-ageing procedure. Its appeal never dwindles, purely because for reducing dynamic lines and wrinkles – it works!

Dr Dan Dhunna is one of the world’s leading experts on administering non-surgical injectable treatments to promote a youthful and healthy appearance. However, some people might think that Botox® is a simple procedure and can be undertaken even by those who are not medically qualified or even those who are medics but not adequately trained to administer this prescribed drug. So it’s vital to know who to enlist as your facial expert and to know they can offer you the safest, most effective treatment possible for beautiful results.

Below is a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing a Botox® clinic in London.

Do – ensure you choose a medically qualified and wrinkle-smoothing injection (Botox®) trained practitioner:

In the hands of someone who does not understand medicine or the intricate anatomy of the face, with all its tissues, veins, arteries and muscles, a Botox® treatment could easily go very badly – and with serious consequences.

As a prescribed neurotoxin, only to be prescribed and administered by a fully-trained medical professional, Botulinum Toxin Type A is the substance which is used for anti-wrinkle injections (Botox® is actually the name of a brand of this medicine) blocks the nerve signals which create muscle movement and expressions.

Even a medically-educated professional needs to undergo an intensive and comprehensive course on how to store, mix and administer Botox® safely, so make sure that you research well and ask to see proof that your practitioner has indeed attended a Botox® procedure course with a reputable, recognised trainer.

Don’t – go cheap!

As with anything in this world, you get what you pay for, and if an advertisement for Botox® looks too good to be true, it probably is! You’ll not only be disappointed, but you may end up looking strange or even risking your health if you opt for a bargain-basement Botox® treatment!

Botox® injections in London can range anything from around £150 to £500 for three areas (crow’s feet, forehead lines and eyebrow lift). However, quality treatment in a safe environment should set you back no less than £300 (and this is still considered highly reasonable indeed). You need to consider what you’re paying for, and it’s not just the treatment itself. You’re paying for many years of medical training and research by the practitioner, assisting at the clinic, London property lease prices (which are the highest in the UK), the very best Botox® products and consumables, aftercare follow-up appointments and any top-up treatments required.

Therefore, if someone offers you three areas of Botox® for a ridiculous price in London, be sceptical. When it comes to your face, think Vogue and not a rolled-up newspaper, holding a bag of chips! You could be paying with your looks and wellbeing if you don’t aim for the highest quality.

Do – make sure your practitioner insists on a pre-treatment consultation.

Any reputable medical doctor, nurse, dentist or surgeon will ask that you attend a no-obligation consultation before any anti-wrinkle treatment can be carried out.

This meeting is your chance to discuss what is bothering you about your dynamic wrinkles and expression lines. It will also be the time when your practitioner will assess your medical health and history and explain the Botox® procedure to you in detail. You will be given some standard consultation forms to complete, and only when your medical expert feels that a Botox® procedure will be both safe and suitable for your needs, will they agree to carry out the treatment.

Don’t – feel pressure to have a Botox® treatment on the day of your consultation.

As a standard part of their duty of care, all medical professionals must offer patients time to consider a treatment before carrying it out. This is both for your safety and for their reputation, as rushing in to any injectable procedure carries a risk of regret, if not undertaken following careful consideration.

You may need to think about certain aspects of your Botox® treatment and consider any risks that your doctor explains, no matter how rare or trivial they might be. You may also wish to arrange finances or ensure that your skin is prepared and that you haven’t consumed alcohol or caffeine the night before your treatment, which in some cases, can cause some slight bruising.

As a rule, doctors recommend waiting at least a week to carefully think about whether Botox® will be suitable for you, before booking an appointment for treatment. Consider when it would be ideal to have Botox®, knowing about the aftercare involved – which includes avoiding hot baths, saunas and steam, and strenuous exercise for at least 48 hours after the procedure.

Do – ensure you are advised on a suitable aftercare programme.

Any non-surgical procedure requires some aftercare. Your practitioner or their team should offer a call back or email/text procedure, so that you are contacted a few days after your Botox® treatment to ensure all is going well, and to offer a follow-up visit, for any top-ups which may be needed (though this is not usually necessary).

Your Botox® clinic should be a permanent dwelling and your practitioner or clinic should have a website, so that if you have any concerns at all, you can contact them easily, to discuss them and to take advice on any steps to be taken, to rectify any issues, should they arise.

If you have attended a Botox® party, gone to a hotel or non-permanent address for your Botox® treatment, you may find it difficult to contact the practitioner, should you have any concerns.

Don’t – tell your Botox® practitioner what you need. They will know what’s best!

Medical practitioners who administer Botox® are highly-trained to advise you on the best procedure methods and protocols for your individual needs and requirements, as well as having a duty of care to carry out safe and appropriate procedures. It’s called a ‘duty of care, and it means that any medical professional cannot carry out a treatment which would cause you physical harm and in the case of a cosmetic doctor, an unnatural or uncomplimentary result to your natural facial appearance.

Your practitioner will have spent many years studying the facial anatomy as well as the effects that Botox® has on certain facial muscles, will know how much product to use and where it would be best to inject on your face.

Whatever a friend or relative may have had , where they were injected and which and how much product was used might not be what you need for a safe and successful treatment. Therefore, take your doctor’s advice when it comes to your anti-wrinkle treatment. They definitely know best!

Injection perfection with Dr Dan Dhunna

Dr Dan Dhunna has spent the past two decades perfecting the faces of many thousands of his patients, using injectable substances such as Botox® and from his London clinic, can give you a natural, youthful and vibrant look for years to come. Do your research, be kind to your looks and choose only the very best in anti-wrinkle injections, and you’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve.

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