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Chin and Jawline Contouring

chin-jawlineSome people naturally have a weak chin or underdeveloped jaw; this leads to a disharmony of the face and imbalance of the relationship between the nose, lips and chin. This can also result in drooping of the mouth area, as the jawline and chin are important bony structures that hold up the skin and tissues of the lower face.

The appropriate and artistic injection of dermal fillers like Juvederm Voluma and Juvederm Volift into key areas across the jawline and around the chin can restore lost volume or enhance these features to further beautify the face.

PDO threads can also be used to tighten loose tissue and stimulate collagen production thereby rejuvenation and lifting the area. The results of these can last 2 years.

Some people particularly those of Chinese and South-East Asian descent tend to have a disproportionally wider jaw. This is a condition called Masseter Hypertrophy and is also common in those that chew a lot of gum or grind their teeth (Bruxism).

Injections of BOTOX® into this overactive Masseter muscle can slim the face, bringing into harmony with the other facial features.

Chin and Jawline contouring is a common procedure Dr Dan Dhunna carries out as part of his London Lift® procedure and is a particular favourite amongst his clientele of male models to enhance their profiles!

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