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Juvederm VOLUMA Cheek Filler in London Harley Street & Midlands Clinics


What is Juvederm VOLUMA

Juvederm VOLUMA (Voluma XC in the US) is a specialised product which has high lift capacity and is very strong. It is the only hyaluronic dermal filler that has been shown in clinical studies to last for upto 2 years but still remains soft and smooth. Like other members of the Juvederm range, Juvederm VOLUMA it produces an immediate, soft, natural but strong, effective lift and doesn’t cause lumps or hardness. It is perfect for sculpting cheeks, restoring midface volume, improving temple contours, strengthening weak chins and enhancing jawlines.

What is involved?

After careful assessment by Dr Dan Dhunna, your face is mapped out.
Juvederm VOLUMA is injected into the areas of weakness using either a needle or an advanced micro-cannula technique which is less likely to cause bruising or swelling than traditional needle techniques. There is little need for additional anaesthesia but may be requested if needed, as Juvederm VOLUMA contains pain free lidocaine anaesthetic.

What is a Micro-Cannula?

Micro-Cannulas are a revolutionary technique to inject dermal fillers. They are essentially blunt needles that do not cut but simply push tissue, blood vessels and nerves away, so reducing risks of swelling and bruising. Surprisingly this technique has very minimal discomfort and is the technique of choice for Advanced Doctors who want to minimise discomfort and side effects for their patients. Needles may still be used dependent on the area that is needed to be corrected.

Dr Dan Dhunna is fully trained in the use of microcannulas having learnt at the hands of the esteemed French Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Hervé Raspaldo at his clinic in Cannes, South of France.

Are the Results of VOLUMA Natural?

Juvederm VOLUMA is a very soft yet strong volumising filler that doesn’t leave you with hard lumps and bumps like traditional older filler products. Dr Dan Dhunna is known for his natural artistry. Replacement of cheek volume and cheek enhancement is one of his signature treatments leaving you in the comfort that you will not walk away with a “pillow face”!

How long does VOLUMA last?

Results vary from person to person but on average Juvederm VOLUMA can give up to 18 months longevity. As it is a natural Hyaluronic Acid Filler, it can also be dissolved away using natural Hyalase enzyme if needed. Thankfully this is rarely needed!

Treatments are performed by Dr Dan Dhunna at his clinic in Harley Street LondonSolihull Nr Birmingham and Dudley Nr Wolverhampton (West Midlands) ,Brignorth (Shropshire) and Stratford upon Avon (Warwickshire) Nr the Cotswolds.

All clinics provides a full range of dermal fillers and lip filler treatments including Juvederm Ultra, Voluma, Restylane, Volbella, Volift,Radiesse and Sculptra for wrinkle reduction, cheek enhancement, tear trough, hand rejuvenation,nasolabial fold,chin enhancement,lip and mouth rejuvenation, marionette and smile lines using advanced techniques including the use of micro-cannulas

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