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Injection Perfection®

“The Creation of Eve™” by Dr Dan Dhunna

“Everyone is individual. We are all unique. Yet beauty is universal.

Fashions may change, but the underlying concepts of beauty remain true to their divine origins as recognised by the Great Renaissance Masters.

To be able to appreciate and enhance beauty, one must be skilled not just in the knowledge of anatomy and the precision of technique but also with an inherent artistic prowess and a keen eye for design.

Cosmetic Medicine is ever evolving, yet in this hi-tech world of machines, the needle remains a constant and the most beloved.

Such as an artist with his pallet applying multicoloured brushstrokes in a variety of rhythms to bring to life the once plain canvas; an Aesthetic Physician must apply a myriad of approaches and attenuate their skills to the landscape that is before them to achieve potency.

To hence approach greatness, one must be able to tailor ones’ techniques to marry both convention and mathematics to create living works of art.

This is Injection Perfection®

© Dr Dan Dhunna MMXV