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Threadlifts (PDO/Silhouette Soft/VLift)


Threads have been used with varying degrees of success for many years now to lift loose tissue and position it in a better place thereby improving sagging and restoring contour and shape.

Old fashioned threads either weren’t strong enough to keep soft tissues lifted, didn’t last particularly well or had primitive type barbs to hook the skin which led to problems such as damage and extrusion.

One stitch facelifts are still being used by surgeons as an alternative to a face lift in those people where a little tightening in the lateral brow/temple area would be appropriate, however these are still considered invasive and involve cutting of tissue and tying of stitches; The results can be very disappointing and not as long lasting as hoped.

The newer Threadlifts are non-surgical and involve no cutting of the skin per se or tying of any stitches but rely on the production of collagen to create tightening of the tissues and thereby lift.

There are 2 main types, PDO threads( also called beauty threads or the V Lift) and suspension threads (Silhouette Soft)

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