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Botox London

Botox London

Dr Dan Dhunna is a recognised authority in Non Surgical Treatments including Botox in the UK having been practising in the field for 10 years with approximately over 20 000 injectable procedures to his name.

Trained in London and qualified from Imperial College School of Medicine, considered one of the “Ivy League” Universities in the UK, Dr Dhunna followed a path into General Practice which took him to the West Midlands.

A gifted artist with training and interests in Heath, Beauty, Fashion, Media and Photography Dr Dan Dhunna was able to bridge the gap between science and art when he embarked upon the licensed medical use of BOTOX wrinkle relaxing injections for Axillary Hyperhidrosis (Excess Armpit Sweating) which then led to his interest in the use of BOTOX injections for cosmetic use.

Setting up his first clinic in Dudley, West Midlands (close to Wolverhampton and Birmingham) closely followed by a second clinic location in Bridgnorth, Shropshire he diversified by introducing Dermal, Cheek and Lip Fillers such as Restylane®, Juvederm® Ultra, Voluma, Volbella, Radiesse® and Sculptra® into his repertoire.
As well as dealing with skin complaints such as acne scarring with treatments such as the dermaroller.

Clinics – Botox London

It essential to have your Botox administered by a qualified and experienced aesthetic doctor. For safe and premium results, attend a medical clinic; ensure you have had a full consultation and feel confident with you chosen Botox London doctor.

Wrinkle Treatments with Botox in London

The results that Botox delivers are generally misunderstood in the mainstream. Botox does NOT eliminate the wrinkles you have on your face when you are expressionless. To get rid of crows feet, frown lines and more, you may need dermal filler injections. When you consult your Botox London clinic, ask the specialist if these fillers or Botox are needed for the results you desire. Often a combination of the two is the ideal solution.

Believing very much in a natural aesthetic, harmoniously combining techniques and trends both classic and modern, demand for his services grew and further clinic locations were added in Solihull, West Midlands, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire and of course in World Famous Harley Street in London treating everyone from housewives and city professionals, to celebrities, models, actors, royalty and diplomats; many of whom travel across the country and from across the world for his aesthetic eye.

In 2010 Dr Dan Dhunna was made Country Ambassador by Allergan, the International market leader in Cosmetic Medicine and manufacturer of BOTOX, Juvederm Ultra, Voluma and Volbella fillers.

Best London Botox Doctor

Further training in Weight Management, Laser and Light Therapies and Hair Transplantation as well as a healthy Twitter following, make Dr Dan Dhunna a go-to medical expert for the press, TV and online media where he has appeared on Television programmes as diverse as the Celebrity “Body Beautiful” Edition of the “Weakest Link” on BBC1 where he was christened the “Michelangelo of BOTOX” for his artistic flair in this field, CBS Flagship show Inside Edition in the USA where he was seen treating Guinness World Record Holder in Cosmetic Surgery Procedures, Cindy Jackson and recently on Sky TVs medico documentary series “Harley Street Beauty” as well as stints on Irish reality TV show Dublin Housewives, to name a few as well as various magazine and panel shows in the UK, India and Middle East.