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Juvederm Ultra Dermal, Cheek and Lip filler London & Birmingham Midlands Clinics

Juvederm Ultra packsThere are over 100 available hyaluronic dermal fillers in the UK, but only 3 brands in the US where regulations are stronger!

Dr Dan Dhunna prides himself on creating natural and long lasting results using safe and licensed products.

JUVEDERM is THE Premium Dermal Filler. It is licensed in the US and the UK and is made by the pharmaceutical company, Allergan Juvederm Ultra the makers of BOTOX.

Unlike older products such as Restylane which are particle based, JUVEDERM is a soft, smooth consistent gel which doesn’t leave you with hardness or lumpiness. It is very versatile with different versions available for mild, moderate and deep folds and special version for the lips and mouth area and for cheek, chin and facial contouring and volume loss.

As it is so smooth it can be injected through very fine needles and also has built-in lidocaine anaesthetic making it more comfortable for the patient.

There are 2 versions of Juvederm, the classic Juvederm Ultra range and the newer Vycross range which includes the formidable Juvederm Voluma, the only hyaluronic acid filler that can last upto 2 years and hence perfect for contouring cheeks, chins and jawlines.

Juvederm Volbella, the only lip filler that has proven longevity of up to 12 months in the lips and remains soft, smooth and natural whilst maintaining excellent hold, shape and durability; and finally Juvederm Volift, a good all rounder perfect for deeper folds and wrinkles, facial contouring, more pout and volume in the body in the lip.

JUVEDERM lasts consistently longer than other brands, so you can continue to enjoy your new look for longer!

Treatments including JUVEDERM are performed by Dr Dan Dhunna at all clinics including Harley Street LondonSolihull Nr Birmingham and Dudley, Bridgnorth Nr Wolverhampton, Stratford Upon Avon (Cotswolds)

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