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Patient Reviews


I first went to see Dr Dhunna for a consultation last year after doing some research about fillers online.

I’d previously had some cosmetic treatments at a different practice but I was never really satisfied with the results so decided to see Dr Dan. I’m always a little bit nervous before any kind of cosmetic treatment but i can honestly say that I have so much faith in Dr Dan that I just knew I was going to be happy with the results. His kind professional manner put me at ease straight away and his dedication to achieving the results I was after surpassed anything I could have asked for. He really knows what he’s doing and I felt so reassured all the way through the treatment. Best of all, I’m thrilled with the results! Dr Dan’s technique is so precise I don’t think I could have asked for more. So it goes without saying that from now on I will not waste my time or money going elsewhere, thank you so much for making me feel like Me again!!

Donna, Harley Street


Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous

Hello people, I’ve been visiting Dr Dan for a few years now and have always without exception been 100% happy with work he has done for me. If you are wishing to completely change your looks or want a whole new face then don’t waste your time or his. Dr Dan is not about the “unrealistic”. For me, that was one of the main benefits of going to him. He worked to enhance what I have and improve areas that had given way to the years! He has never encouraged any unnecessary treatments and has without exception delivered a wonderful and completely pleasing service. As well as being professional he is very honest and approachable. I’ve always felt at ease when I have visited him and never been embarrassed to discuss any issues. He has a wonderful manner, is highly skilled and I would not hesitate in recommending him.

Cindy, Stratford upon Avon

I originally came to Dr Dan Dhunna after researching derma fillers for between the eyebrows. I had a depression in that area which was visible in photos, however was concerned about having the filler injected in the safest way possible. I can only say good things about Dr Dan. Since then I have had various other treatments and he is always extremely knowledgeable and conscientious. However, in addition to this I feel aesthetically I can trust his advice completely. He has an amazing eye for detail and often the results are better than I could have asked for because he addresses changes that have the most impact.
– Miriam, London

Seriously amazing doctor. Took the time to talk me through the treatments I thought I was looking for, and then what would actually achieve the best result for me.

Trust this guy’s advice. The end result is too subtle to pick out any single significant change, but the the overall effect is even better than what I’d hoped to achieve.
– Dominic B, London


I am writing this testimonial because I highly recommend Dr Dhunna. As far as I am concerned he is a great professional and master of  his work.

I came to him with what I thought was a tear through problem. My under eyes would have a banana shape puffiness and look reddish in the inner corner. This always made me look tired and older than I am (I am 37 years old). I am not a person that especially likes wearing make up, I rather prefer go make up free, but I was using make up to cover my under eyes and correct my tired look. I did not like myself in the mirror or in pictures, I really hated the look of my eyes and had previously used lots of different creams, had sessions of laser resurfacing and two sessions of fillers on my cheeks (which I think looked really good anyhow and did not need anything) to support my under eye area from other doctors and nurses. It didn’t help and I looked really tired and felt hopeless.

I read about dermal filler tear through treatments, and I thought that it may work well for me.   I was afraid of doing such a delicate procedure but my friends told me about Dr Dan Dhunna in London Harley Street, and I did my own research-His work and reputation encouraged me to book an appointment.

He immediately noticed that my problem was not a tear trough, but herniated fat which gave me eye bags and hence a “pseudo” tear trough look and it would require blepharoplasty to really get rid of them. This was really disappointing, I was not looking for such a radical procedure. However I was impressed by his knowledge and immediate honesty. Although he said that he couldn’t directly fix them, Dr Dhunna offered me the option of using dermal fillers in the tear trough and around the sides of the eye to disguise my bags. He gave me all the necessary information about my condition and treatments. I decided to go ahead. It took just 20 min, didn’t hurt a bit and after just half a syringe of Juvederm injected under each eye with a cannula, I was amazed to find what I had been looking for!

I had my treatment three days ago and I am really happy. The change is very natural,there is virtually no swelling and no bruising.  I am enjoying wearing no make up for once in my life and my confidence and mood have improved immeasurably. Thank you so much!”
– Priscilla, Valencia, Spain


Dr Dan…we love you!


I came in with my sister in November to get my lips and cheeks done plus any other area that Dr Dan Dhunna thought needed to be done. I flew in from the Middle East just to see him as I had heard so many amazing things about him from friends and family in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Qatar. We had met prior in March but because I wasn’t in London for long, I couldn’t get anything done; but from the moment I left his office in March (my first visit), and I knew we would be back!

Dr. Dan is the most down to earth but funny yet very professional doctor you will ever meet.
When we came to see him in November, he came downstairs just to greet us and showed us the way to his office upstairs. He sat with each of us individually, explained all of the options we have, plus gave us his opinion on what we should and shouldn’t do.
We decided to have Botox and Juvederm Dermal Fillers. Both of us had our cheeks lifted and reshaped and I also had my lips treated with Juvederm Volift, or as Dr Dan Dhunna calls it “Liquid Gold”!
Dr. Dan was so light handed with the needles and would explain everything as he was doing it. After we both finished, he explained exactly what we were supposed to do and what to expect and who to call in the case of an emergency.

I cannot stress how amazing Dr. Dan is ! Post procedures, everyone was complimenting my sister and I, and was wondering what we had done. Everything looks so natural and beautiful.
Dr. Dan Dhunna really gives you that “Je ne sais quoi” factor like nobody else!
– Sara, Kuwait City, Kuwait

I am a young man who has recently had cheek filler injections done with Dr Dan Dhunna and highly recommend his services.
I had never done it before, didn’t know where to go and also who to trust.
After weeks of extensive online research, I finally organised to meet him, an initial consultation which answered all my questions and concerns. A few weeks later, I met him again and had a first round of injections. I immediately liked the result and went back the following month for a few more. The final result is simply amazing as very natural, masculine and truly enhancing. I could not live without it now. I am very glad to have found Dr Dan Dhunna as I know I can trust with other treatments and again, highly recommend him.
– Florian, London

I have never had any cosmetic procedures before but at the age of 52 & after losing weight that also affected the volume in my face I felt that it was time to take the plunge & start to turn the clock back a little to look as youthful as I still felt. I researched procedures & after seeing Dr Dan on TV & learning how he focused on a natural & not over done look I booked to see him at his Stratford clinic. Boy am I glad I did !! I can’t say how happy I am with the results. It took just 2 visits over a 5 week period & I look 10 years younger & like a new refreshed me ! People who don’t know I have received any treatment are saying how amazingly well I look but don’t suspect anything because of how natural the results are. So thank you Dr Dan, my experience was painless & I trusted your judgement on what & how much to do I am so happy I did… you are a genius !
-Sally D, Stratford Upon Avon

Wow – I’m so pleased!

I just had to write to you as I’m amazed! Here’s the whole story…
On the way home after my session with you and during the short journey I got talking to a guy (which is flattering as I’m single). To cut a long story short he nearly fell off his seat when he learned my age as he thought I was in my early 40s!! So that says a lot for your handiwork!

That evening my face felt tender from the procedure and the filler around what I call the dreaded “lines” (the folds), that you know I hate, felt very hard. The “lines” still felt prominent over the next 2 days but I didn’t panic because of my first procedure with you and knew from before that this softened.

Got up this morning and I’m so amazed. The filler around the “lines” has softened and what’s a miracle is that ‎the “lines” are so much less visible (in all lights) and I’m sure that over the coming weeks they will be even less so. I know how my body works in that it takes a few weeks to kick in properly.

The same applies to my cheeks as in what happened to my cheeks the first time – it took about 3 weeks for them to get to the stage they were in when you saw me last time – so roll on the next few weeks!

Just had to write and thank you as I know that I will be so much happier and confident once all kicks in. You are an artist and I’m so glad I chose you to do the work on me.

As I mentioned I’m very interested in the PDO thread for my neck and ‎jaw line so I look forward to hearing from you on this.

I also hope my account helps to learn how different people’s body reacts. I will also post a glowing report on your website.

With much appreciation
– Yvonne

I came to Dan after a bad experience with a previous practitioner using Restylane. My already none existent lips had been left with an uneven look and some hard lumps. Dan advised to wait until the restylane had naturally absorbed and then start again. He was an absolute pro, and really gave me confidence to believe I could have the look I wanted which was a more fuller and defined look with the dreaded “Trout Pout” the procedure was quick, painless and ultimately looked great from day one. Within a few days all swelling had gone and I was left with amazingly soft and natural looking lips. Thanks again Dan I certainly won’t be letting anyone else do my lips from now.

– Francesca, H Bridgenorth

I’ve been to see Dr Dan Dhunna after searching online for the best Dr to do dermal fillers and botox in London. His name came up as one of the best, and the reviews were amazing. I went to his harley street clinic and the whole experience was delightful. Dr Dan has a great light hearted personality and he put me at ease from the start. He explained everything very thoroughly and professionally. I chose to go ahead with the treatment. I had Juvederm Voluma injected into my cheeks because I have very little fat in that area and it made me look tired all the time. I hardly felt any discomfort from the procedure and the results were instantaneous. I looked better and younger immediately. I highly recommend Dr Dhunna his work is amazing and will definitely be going back to his clinic.

– Norah N, Harley Street, London

I just love Dan he is amazing at what he does and has so much confidence in his work that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Initially I was apprehensive about having my lips done given the media coverage of all these celebs with trout pouts etc but Dr Dan is so passionate about his work that he ensures he creates a classy look not the trouty trashy look …I feel so much more confident and I will definitely be seeing him again
– Leila, Solihull

I was looking into Derma Fillers as I never had any cosmetic treatments before, I did a lot of research online only to find nothing but amazing reviews of Dr Dhunna.. I straight away knew if there is anyone who will be doing any types of fillers/Botox on my face will have to be him. Therefore I booked a consultation straight away. On the day of my arrival I was seen by Dr Dhunna, he is such a lovely person he made me feel relaxed and he listened to all my concerns and what I wanted to achieve. He then explained with the look I want I would require the Juvederm Dermal Fillers which again he spoke to me explaining what it is in depth and ensuring I fully understood the product, procedure and the aftercare. I then decided to go ahead with treatment and did not feel pressurised what so ever. I felt excited and confident going ahead after the consultation. During the treatment he kept me informed of what he was doing and taking extra time to make sure it looked perfect. And the end result when I looked into the mirror, I was totally speechless and broke down in tears as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – It was EXACTLY the look I had in my head and it was absolutely bang on PERFECT. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my results as it looked so natural and I cannot be anymore happier. I am SO GALD I made the right choice coming to Dr Dhunna.

– Sham K Stratford

I know its still early days but I’ve had the 4D PDO thread lifts with Dr Dan Dhunna about a month ago and I already look amazing! And as Collagen builds and the area becomes tighter and lifts, I know its going to get even better! I look and feel so much better and healthier, my skin has the most amazing glow and my jowls have lifted, it’s absolutely incredible! I now do not need to wear make up as much and actually look so much better without it so much so, that I’ve been out with hardly any on & should I do put it on, I hardly recognise what was the old crinkly face from before, with makeup sitting in the creases and folds…it’s like putting my makeup on when i was 20 years younger when i didn’t have to think about camouflaging any flaws! I met up with some old work colleagues I hadn’t seen for 3 years recently and they were stunned at how well I looked! Thank you Dr Dan Dhunna so much for restoring my confidence and making me so much more social. I cannot describe in words what a difference it has made and is continuing to make as I know the PDO threads continue to produce collagen and improve the skin and tissues for many months yet”

Had Juvederm injected into my upper and lower lips by Dr. Dan Dhunna. I cannot praise him highly enough. He took great pains not to produce an artificial looking result, and professed to be totally anti-“trout pout” or “the Essex lip” as he called it. He really took his time and it really was like watching an artist at work, seeing as they call him the Michelangelo of Botox and the Da Vinci of dermal fillers.
I have now booked to go back to him at the end of June for cheek fillers. I always prefer to have one thing done at a time – little and often is the best way, I think, to avoid looking plastic.”

– Farrah, Dubai

Although only in my early thirties I had strong frown lines which I was very unhappy with. As a Doctor myself I appreciate that its important to go to a specialist in this field especially when there are so many people simply picking up syringes and injecting all sorts into your face. Trust me I’ve seen the results!
I sought out Dr Dan Dhunna as he’s so well regarded across the whole medical profession. Dr Dan made me feel very comfortable; he’s funny, confident and I am very pleased with my results with Botox which are extremely natural but very effective. Thank you!” – Sarah, Shropshire

I live in Beirut, Lebanon and also a few months in Dubai, UAE.
I’ve been researching for a while the many treatments I can have to make me look younger and feel better for myself.
I went to Doctor here in Beirut and in Dubai but they all seem only to take your money and work is ok but they make you look like everyone else. Fake look.
So I thought I look for someone maybe in London, UK as I have holiday there.
I ask my friend as she live in London and work at embassy there and she tell me that Dr Dan Dhunna is number one in London for the Botox and for the juvederm Restylane filler. She told me that many actress and princess see Dr Dan Dhunna. And he does London Lift which is special only from him.
So I thought ok, I also go and see him and I book appointment in thr London Harley Street with Dr Dan Dhunna.
When I see him I am little suprise because he look so good looking. (Doctor in UAE Lebanon are not so good looking and also very old most of them!)
Dr Dan Dhunna very handsome and also very respectful of me and my culture.
He listen to me and did not rush me and he take time to assess my face and make plan for me to have LONDON LIFT procedure.
He did not hurt me and he is very gentle and caring. Also I did not have bruises which is very important to me. He has gentle hand but also I tell he really had the passion for the good work and also he has the artist style. He is Michelangelo of Botox I have heard.
I look very happy with his work. He did the Botox and the Dermal filler Juvederm Voluma with cannula and also the lip with Juvederm Volbella. Very natural but also very glamorous. My cheek and chin and jawline look fantastic.
I am very happy and would like to recommend anyone from the world to see him, especially ladies from Middle East because he gives you not a plastic look.
I will see him next year again when I go back to London..”
– Samia, Beirut, Lebanon

I was a little nervous before my first treatment for BOTOX injections, however there was no need to be, Dr Dan Dhunna explained the whole process very clearly and put me at ease, there was never any pressure. I was given of time to consider if it was the right treatment for me. I went ahead and I am now a regular patient of Dr Dan Dhunna, he is simply amazing! My face is much younger and fresher but with a very natural look which is exactly what i wanted, I am so pleased with the results! I trust Dr Dan Dhunna completely, he is a TRUE professional and I highly recommend his services to anyone. Thank You Dr Dan Dhunna, I am overwhelmed with the results.
– Victoria,Bridgnorth

“Kind, considerate, thoughtful and an altogether lovely guy as well as a skilled artistic technician with Botox (in the past) and now Juvederm Voluma in my cheeks, temples and chin. The Hype around him is so true! I just selfishly wish I didn’t have to book 6-8 weeks ahead to see him. He’s obviously very popular. And rightly so! Couldn’t be happier!! Saw him in London Harley Street but like so many would be prepared to travel anywhere for this Michelangelo! My husband went with me and was equally impressed. He measures your face and involves you in the consultation-no slap dash,wham bam like other Drs. He knows his stuff! But more importantly knows what can be achieved and isn’t scared of telling you the truth. So many don’t know their limits. Definitely worth my money. Thank you 🙂

– Gillian, Solihull

“Dr Dan Dhunna is an absolute angel sent from heaven. I’ve had such low self confidence after a previous so called botox and dermal filler expert in Harley street London ****ed my face and then left me high and dry. Dr Dhunna talked to me lie a human being, not a number. Explaining what the other Dr did to me then over 2 sessions adjusted and reconfigured my face the way it should’ve been done in first place. His knowledge of anatomy and artistic direction and style is second to none. He really is what everyone else raves about. The Michelangelo of Botox and Da Vinci of Dermal fillers. Lovely kind authentic genuine(handsome!!) and a true master at Botox and Dermal fillers. I had Botox and Juvederm Voluma in my cheeks and Juvederm in my lips and around my mouth and smokers lines. So pleased and so happy. Thank you Dr Dan Dhunna

Margaret, London

As a male growing up in quite a small town, the thought of undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure had always been a little stressful to me.
I had for a long time wished for full lips.
Naturally my lips were quite thin, I wanted them bigger, yet completely natural looking; After having fillers previously I was left somewhat satisfied with the results, however I felt that the shape of my new lips didn’t fit well with my other facial features.

The injector I had been previously seeing used was limited as they used a chart with about 6 different lip shapes and advised me to choose the one I liked most.Just painting by numbers wasn’t what I was after-I felt i needed a very tailored approach.
After months of searching and consultations, I met Dr Dan Dhunna .
Dr Dan’s high level of knowledge, passion and general friendliness really helped put my mind at ease, I knew he was my guy!
Dan has an entirely different approach to my previous injector.
First I told him about my wants and my expectations, he then studied me and talked me through what was achievable and the best way to reach my desired goals.
Everything he said made perfect sense to me.
I get compliments on my full, natural looking lips all the time, and have since had fillers to other parts of my face with amazing results!
I look forward to many more treatments with Dr Dan Dhunna.

Dr Dan Dhunna is a fantastic Doctor. His Botox & dermal fillers are the best I’ve personally experienced. His artistic eye is incredible as is his skill. I’m very impressed especially with the work he’s performed on my lips with Juvederm Volbella & on the cheeks with Voluma. I chose him because of his great reputation and that he is the UK country ambassador for the makers of Botox & Juvederm fillers. Very knowledgable, kind, caring and takes his time. I would recommend him to anyone in London. I saw him in Harley Street but I know he also works in the Midlands too. Very very happy. He gave me back my confidence!

Veronica, Knightsbridge London

“I’m so glad I met Dr Dan. I had lost a lot of weight and my skin was looking very sallow, loose and i looked easily 10 years older. I had been considering a facelift but Dr Dan recommended Sculptra”

– Angie, Solihull

“My face is significantly improved and my confidence has gone through the roof following the treatment with Dr Dhunna ”

– Bev, London

“I chose to have my cheeks lifted with Juvederm Voluma and I knew Dr Dan Dhunna was the man for the job!! Amazing results.Im so, so happy !”

– Charlie, Stourbridge

I had my lips done with Dan at his Harley Street clinic a month ago & I’m very happy with the outcome. I really like his approach – he measured and considered all my features on my face and put no pressure on me to make my choice. I just wanted a bit more fullness to my lips so they are natural and he has made the edges/outside of the lips more defined (if that makes sense?). I went to see Dan because I read a lot of positive reviews too. ”

– Louise, London

I have had a couple of negative experiences with other practitioners previously. However, I have seen Dr Dan Dhunna on many occasions over the last 3 years for Botox and have always been very happy with the results; never ‘over done’; looks very natural, just better and rested appearance. On my last visit I decided to try the New Juvederm Volbella lip filler. Dr Dan promised I wouldn’t end up with the dreaded ‘trout pout’.
I am very very happy with the result, a subtle enhancement which gives lovely definition to the lips.”

– Jacqui, Solihull

I’m so glad i met Dr Dan Dhunna. I’m naturally needlephobic and attempted Botox with other Drs and nurses in the past which was painful and I was never truly convinced of the results. Dr Dan is so professional, humourous and confident in his approach and his treatments painless and results spectacular. I’ve been having treatment with him for almost 5 years and I would’nt go anywhere else. I’ve now also had some fillers and Voluma with him too and I’m so happy with everything!”

– Jenny, Bridgnorth

I have never had any cosmetic procedures before but at the age of 52 & after losing weight that also affected the volume in my face I felt that it was time to take the plunge & start to turn the clock back a little to look as youthful as I still felt. I researched procedures & after seeing Dr Dan on TV & learning how he focused on a natural & not over done look I booked to see him at his Stratford clinic. Boy am I glad I did !! I can’t say how happy I am with the results. It took just 2 visits over a 5 week period & I look 10 years younger & like a new refreshed me ! People who don’t know I have received any treatment are saying how amazingly well I look but don’t suspect anything because of how natural the results are. So thank you Dr Dan, my experience was painless & I trusted your judgement on what & how much to do I am so happy I did… you are a genius !”

– Sally, Oldham, Lancs

My experience with Dr Dhunna has been amazing. I consulted him as I wanted cheek enhancement with filler and needed work done to my lower face. He firstly did the cheek enhancement which turned out to be incredible as my cheeks had lifted and were full but also looked so natural. This in itself took years off me and I looked how I used to look around this area. I was completely over the moon and saw Dr Dhunna for my second session.

At the second session he used filler on my lower face to slightly build it up as I was looking a bit drawn and in particular to reduce the look of the folds which had formed from the corners of my mouth to my chin. Its been a few days now since having the second session and already my lower face looks smoother and I know from my experience after the first session with Dr Dhunna and how the filler worked that in a couple of weeks its going to look fantastic as the folds are disappearing.

I have had filler done before with another doctor but there is no comparison. Dr Dhunna is truly an artist and knows exactly where to place the filler for maximum effect and to give a natural appearance.
From my experience I cannot praise him higher! My looks and my confidence have grown immensely. I was of course sceptical at first because of previous experience with another doctor but after having this work done in just two sessions and from the results I would recommend him and would never consider going to anyone else having found the jewel in the crown !”
– Yvonne, London

I have botox because half my face was paralysed for 6 months with Bell’s Palsy and now each side of my face looks different, especially when I smile. I have seen nurses before who have treated me with Botox but I was never entirely happy. It never lasted very long and the results were nowhere near as good as with Dr Dan. My best friend scrutinised my face after I saw him for the first time and she said that my face had never looked so even. I feel so much more confident now and I’m no longer self conscious about smiling 🙂 but my face isn’t just even, my skin tone is smoother, I look younger and make up is easier to put on. Plus it’s subtle and natural enough so that no one would be able to spot that I’ve had anything done. With my previous practitioner my face had started to look a little odd. It creased in un-natural places but Dr Dan solved that immediately. I’m so happy with the results. I will never trust anyone else with my face again !”

– Sam, Dudley

I went to see Dr Dan Dhunna, both at his Stratford Upon Avon Practice and also Solihull and travelled down there from Leeds, Yorkshire.

We discussed in depth about the fact that I was undecided whether or not to go ahead with fillers rather than a mid facelift and also neck lift. The problem was I only wanted short term fillers, for three to four months maximum, to get an idea of what could be achieved without surgery. I did not want to wait a year or more before a Face and Neck Lift. However, after lengthy discussion Dr Dhunna helped me decide and weigh up the pros and cons and also expense.

He advised me to go down the surgery route, as in point of fact he nowadays he does the longer lasting fillers, which is far more appealing from both a financial and aesthetic view and better results.

His knowledge on all aspects of aesthetic surgery certainly convinced me without doubt that this chap knew what he was talking about. I knew what my next step was going to be and after thorough research Dr Dan Dhunna would certainly be seeing me again in the future to take care of fillers and botox I will need after surgery.

I have had consultations with Plastic Surgeons and am aware that surgery does not get rid of those wrinkles. Peels, Laser Fillers and Botox add the finishing touches. I have also thoroughly researched the subject thoroughly over the last two years and have have had filler and botox in the past.

For anyone having fillers and botox for the first time I would without doubt recommend this chap! He is very easy to talk to and explains all the pros on cons and covers every aspect, an extremely talented Aesthetic Doctor whom I look forward to seeing again on a fairly regular basis.

He was extremely professional and he certainly knew what he was talking about. I was also impressed with his honesty. I was prepared to spend in the region of £3k on fillers, botox etc. However, he saved me that figure and now I am heading in the direction of my Plastic Surgeon for Face and Necklift. There are people in this industry who are just in it for the money and to make as much profit as they can from selling treatments. Dr Dan Dhunna is certainly not one of them.”
– Gail, Leeds, Yorkshire

I had always wanted my lips made slightly fuller, as I had noticed they had begun to thin as I got older; but was so frightened about all the scare stories. A friend of mine had recommended Dr Dan to me as he had treated her lips. What can I say?! First of all he didn’t try to sell me anything, he gave me the facts and made me feel very comfortable. We spoke about different fillers but settled on Juvéderm Ultra as it would produce the softest, most natural lips. The treatment was done a weeks later and it really didn’t hurt at all! And he was right! My lips are just right; better definition, fuller and very natural looking! ”

– Margaret, London

I had 4 treatments over 5 months. As Sculptra builds up your body’s own collagen, the results were gradual and improved with each next treatment. I now look fantastic – my friends and family can’t believe the change in my face and I’m glad it looks so natural. The best thing is that the collagen continues to build for many months after treatment; so I look better now than i did at the end of my treatmnet sessions! I would recommend Sculptra and Dr Dan to anyone!”

– Patricia, London

What can I say Dr Dan Dhunna is a genius, I underwent corrective treatment to my lips with Dr Dhunna as I was not happy with my previous treatment by another Practitioner. All I will say is avoid the Dentist’s who go on these day courses etc as she did a terrible procedure on me and left me with low self confidence and a hole in my pocket.
After my consultation with Dr Dhunna who was extremely professional and very polite, we got to work…
My Lips were recontured and reshaped and corrected to my delight, all I can I say the result was Fantastic! I have been back to see Dr Dhunna on many occasions since to have my cheeks reshaped and to have Botox. All I can say is SUPER SUPER SUPER. Thanks Again.”

– Ian, Lichfield

I Cannot recommend him any higher! Such an amazing man! The Amazing and gorgeous Dr Dan Dhunna. I returned from plastic fantastic Los Angeleles and was straight to Harley Street to see him and I was in very good company; I was sat opposite a Hollywood Star, a Super Model, and a Middle Eastern Princess. This man is a true magician! His artistic eye is incredible! Love what this man can do! Botox so natural, luscious lips to die for, fashionable cheeks and he is such a beautiful and kind human being; and did i say funny too?! As well as Damn Handsome Ladies! A True Artist!   – Christina, Knightsbridge London

“I went to see Dr Dan Dhunna privately in one of his midlands locations but since learned he also works in Harley Street.

I had my nasolabial lines treated before with restylane in 2008 and i thought they had lasted very well. My daughter is getting married and i was looking for a freshen me up and was looking for someone who did Juvederm has i heard that it was better. So i found Dr Dan Dhunna through Google and he seemed just the person as he’s a GP as well and it said he was a “LCA”for Allergan who make Botox and Juvederm which i found out later was some sort of expert title.

He was a really nice person and very dashing and seemed to know his stuff but was initially concerned because he said that filling my lines wouldn’t solve the problem as I had lost volume in my midface and needed my cheeks lifting with Voluma; and Voluma isnt cheap! so I didnt have anything done but got convinced by a couple of ladies in the waiting room who’d had it done and were really happy, so i booked back in.

Im so glad i did! Dr Dan Dhunna is like an artist when he injects you..I dont even get my husband looking at me the way he does!! lol Hes such a perfectionist, and very very gentle. Apparently hes known as “the michelangelo of Botox” and hes treated heaps of celebs. Im glad i found the right guy!

I was quite nervous at first though and he put me to ease, but then I saw the size of the needle and I panicked but he said that he wouldnt be using that needle and it would be using either smaller needles or something new called a micro cannula which doesnt bruise as often. He worked on me on me for a bout 15-20mins and it was virtually painless. When he showed me one side at a time, I couldnt believe it! The results were amazing! He was so right. I didnt realised how much my face had sagged, and even though I was happy with the Restylane put in few years back, I could really see where he was coming from now. Best still, Voluma apparently lasts 18 months. but may last longer and its so soft and natural looking. Best thing ive done in ages. So happy”
– Michelle, Solihull

“Dr Dan Dhunna in the Midlands and Harley St is an absolute Master of his work and very artistic. He treats lots of celebs etc.Had my cheeks and lips done with Voluma and Juvederm Smile from his clinic in Stratford upon Avon. Very little swelling and extremely natural. And hes a stunner himself!! ”

– Monica, Stratford – upon – Avon

“I had my lips done with Dr Dan Dhunna who was lovely. My results are natural and he is so gentle and very artistic. They call him the Michelangelo of Botox and the Da Vinci of dermal fillers. Now had Botox and Voluma filler in cheeks with him too and hes astonishingly good as far as i can say!! I saw him in Stratford Upon Avon but he has clinics across west midlands and Harley St . I went to him in particular coz i wanted juvederm not restylane and hes the Brand ambassador for juvederm and botox in UK”

– Shirley, Stratford-Upon-Avon

“I have just returned from having my cheeks enhanced with Juvederm Voluma by Dan Dhunna. I went to Dr. Dhunna for the first time in May for lip enhancement, and was delighted with the results. It is now October and my lips still look lovely and full, and the shape is really natural. He promised a natural look, and stated that he was totally against the “trout pout” and “Essex lip”, and he really did give me a very natural look. With that in mind, I decided to go back to Dr. Dhunna for my cheek enhancement procedure. I would like to add that it’s so refreshing to find a Harley Street doctor practising in a clinic in the middle of the Black Country! Dr. Dhunna has his roots in Wolverhampton and the clinic I saw him at tonight was where he first started practising as a doctor. I previously saw him in Stratford Upon Avon, and I dare say one of the days when I’m in London, I may see him in Harley Street, but how wonderful that he also practises just down the road from where I work and live! He believes passionately in bringing Harley Street quality to the provinces, which I think is an admirable philosophy.

All I can say about my cheek enhancement is that it was, as with my lip fillers, like watching an artist at work. My intention is purely to provide information to help other people out there who do not know who to choose out of the thousands of surgeons and aesthetic doctors out there – and also to give credit where credit is due.

Dr. Dhunna took an hour to do my cheeks. He measured the proportions of my face using an instrument called the golden calipers, which help to determine the optimum proportions for my face, according to what’s commonly known as “the divine golden ratio”. He used the depot method of injecting directly into my skin, for greater precision, as he felt I needed slightly more filler on one side of my face than the other, and wanted to monitor the results as he went along.

I am now back home, writing this, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. There are virtually no visible marks at the injection sites, I am in no pain whatsoever, but most importantly, Dr. Dhunna has given me back ‘the triangle of youth’. I have a fullness in my cheek area just where I need it, but it is so subtle, absolutely not the “pillow face” look, and I will have no qualms about returning to work in the morning, where I hope people may look at me and think ‘She looks really well’, or ‘Hmm, what’s different, because she looks glowing’, but certainly will not be able to identify that I’ve had my cheeks done only the night before. Thank you so much Dr. Dhunna..”
– Sarah, Chipping Campden, Cotswolds 

“I have been a patient of Dr Dan now for a few years, when I first visited him I could hardly walk and had very little confidence in myself. I was at quite a low point in my life after recently leaving an abusive relationship which had left me with permanent damage to my face.

I was greeted by a lovely well mannered man who took my arm and helped me through to his room, located some cushions and made sure I was comfortable before we began. He even asked what had happened to me as to why I could not walk properly, which in all fairness is quite a long story yet he listened and seemed very interested. I was then asked what I wished to achieve, at this point I felt so at ease that I told Dr Dan, what I wanted done and how my face had been damaged. He was very understanding, also extremely compassionate, we agreed after a lengthy discussion about the procedures (Botox & Fillers), which would be spread out over a period of time which is often better so as not to overdo it.

Dr Dan was in no way pushy in fact he told me point blank I did not need it in places I presumed I did, he is an artist and truly deserves his name as “The Michelangelo of Aesthetic Medicine” as he sculpts your face to perfection.

Over the years there has been occasion where I have had to cancel an appointment on the actual day due to an emergency, it was not a problem, I have phoned up last minute and been fitted in and also turned up late once due to being stuck in traffic and as Dr Dan approached me I said “I’m ever so sorry,” his reaction “don’t worry about it, i understand, it happens sometimes. I am always asked how I am feeling or if I need anything, as Dan has an infectious personality we chat along like old friends and I have witnessed time and time again that he has this rapport or with all his clients, it’s nice to know he actually cares about you as an individual not a dollar sign and I will admit that over the years I’ve grown extremely fond of him.

I have been to a few Drs prior to finally meeting Dr Dan, They took my money for Botox but It didn’t work, they rushed you in and straight out again and didn’t really much care about you after that, which as you can imagine left me quite dubious of trusting anyone in that position again.

I’m glad I did as I am so happy with how good my face looks and recently opted to have the 4D PDO thread lift procedure.

Well I’m 10 days in it wasn’t painful I’d say just slightly uncomfortable a dentist trip is far worse, I also had no bruising which I have found of all my procedures with Dr Dan as he is both gentle, talented and always leave me looking and feeling fabulous.

Dr Dan has already called me as he does with all his patients after this procedure, not a receptionist a personal call from the Dr to be assured you are okay..

I would recommend Dr Dan 100% as personally I found him to be a professional, very skilled, considerate, funny, helpful, never too busy and never rude..”
– Nat, Birmingham