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Botox Wolverhampton

It’s no secret that Botox has become the ‘go-to’ treatment when it comes to injectable wrinkle-smoothing procedures. Those nuisance laughter lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines and ‘bunny’ wrinkles, all formed when you create an expression, can be temporarily smoothed and relaxed, to reveal a younger and fresher looking you. From his clinic in Sedgley, near Wolverhampton, Dr Dan Dhunna offers this highly-effective treatment to those wishing to turn back the hands of time, but in safe and expert hands with a super-light touch; for the most natural-looking, gorgeous results.

Botox is in fact a brand name for the substance Botulinum Toxin Type A. It was originally used in medicine for the treatment of involuntary spasms, migraine headaches and incontinence. However, when used for migraines, doctors began to realise that their patients were looking more youthful and those niggling dynamic lines had disappeared. This is how Botox became a treatment for anti-ageing and has boomed in popularity over the past few decades.

If you’re worried about the substance used in Botox injections (you may have heard that it’s one of the most potent toxins on the planet and responsible for Botulism), fear not, in the tiny quantities involved in wrinkle-smoothing and when expertly injected by a medical professional such as Dr Dan Dhunna, Botox has been proven safe. Botox is the brand offered by Allergan, a pharmaceutical giant and leader in the field of aesthetic medicine. It has been regulated, FDA-approved and trialled thousands of times before being put on the market back in December 1989.

Botox in Wolverhampton with Dr Dan Dhunna

A treatment with Botox is fairly straight forward and indeed, a minor procedure for someone of Dr Dan Dhunna’s calibre, experience and medical knowledge. Tiny needles are used for this treatment so there is no need for a topical anaesthetic (though if you are super-squeamish, Dr Dan will apply a few spots of anaesthetic at the injection points). After a consultation to establish that Botox is the treatment for you and having marked the areas of injection with a special white pencil, Dr Dan Dhunna will then inject miniscule amounts of the Botox. This feather-light touch will ensure a natural-yet stunning result.

You should see the effects of the Botox treatment in around 24 to 48 hours, but the full results will be experienced after around 2 weeks. It’s at this stage that you will return to the clinic for a post-Botox assessment and will receive a top up if necessary. Dr Dan Dhunna’s mantra is that you can add but never take away, so he will treat you conservatively at first, especially if it’s your very first Botox treatment.

Results can last anything up to 4 months and may last even longer! This will all depend on your individual response to the product, your skin quality, lifestyle choices and overall health, diet and exercise regimes.

Dr Dan Dhunna has been performing Botox treatments on his thousands of delighted patients for decades. He has many clinics around the UK and his Sedgley location offers fantastic links to Wolverhampton which is situated close to the M5, M6 and M52.

This historical town is home to the Wolverhampton Wanderers and offers a myriad of things to see and do. The 19th-century Wolverhampton Art Gallery has collections from Old Master paintings to locally made steel jewellery. West Wightwick Manor and gardens is well-known for its William Morris interiors and landscaping and stylish arts and crafts–style furnishings and Pre-Raphaelite art feature at Bantock House Museum. The beautiful nearby Victorian-era West Park has a lake, bowling green and conservatory.

To book a no obligation consultation to discuss your Botox treatment with Dr Dan Dhunna at our Sedgley clinic, call our team of helpful and friendly assistants.