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Cheek Rejuvenation and Enhancement


As part of the natural ageing process, we lose mid face volume as a result of loss of fat and the weakening and absorption of the underlying bone structure. This unfortunately speeds up in women after the menopause where ONE year is equivalent to SEVEN years ageing before the menopause!

I chose to have my cheeks lifted with Juvederm Voluma and I knew Dr Dan Dhunna was the man for the job!! Amazing results. I’m so, so happy!.”
– Charlie, Knightsbridge London

Loss of this cheek and mid face volume causes the accompanying tissues to sag leading to the development of the nasolabial fold and the jowls and weakness of the jawline.

Correction of this lost volume is vital to the overall rejuvenation process and helps to restore symmetry and balance to the face. In itself it can also improve some the folds and wrinkles in the lower face and jaw by lifting and supporting tissue. This leaves behind a soft, youthful appearance once more establishing the “Triangle of Youth”

Juvederm Voluma is also the product of choice in younger people who would like to consider an enhancement of their cheekbones.

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