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Ellansé is a next generation collagen stimulating dermal filler distributed by Sinclair pharmaceuticals, the same company behind the extremely successful original liquid facelift product, Sculptra.

Similar in its mechanism to FDA approved Radiesse, Ellansé contains a gel carrier which creates the initial lift in the tissue. This is gradually resorbed over several weeks , allowing its active ingredient Polycaprolactone to stimulate neo-collagenesis replacing lost volume with a collagen scaffold.

The cosmetic results are soft and natural looking and look and feel like the patient’s own skin.

Results can last 1-2 years  and even unto 4 years depending on the version of Ellansé used, the amount injected and the area of placement. After this time the Polycaprolactone micropsheres are degraded completely by being broken down into Carbon dioxide and Water. The same breakdown materials as within normal human metabolism.

Like Hyaluronic Acid and Radiesse, Ellansé can be used in most places on the face (apart from lips), however Dr Dan Dhunna finds it especially beneficial for hand rejuvenation where it produces incredible long lasting lift and improvement in skin laxity and crepiness.


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