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Dudley, West Midlands

Cosmetic procedures are hugely popular all over the UK and revolutionary procedures and techniques mean that these non-surgical treatments can produce amazing results in very little time – negating the need, in many cases for surgical intervention. Dr Dan Dhunna has spent the last 20 years perfecting and performing non-surgical injectable cosmetic procedures and from our clinic in Sedgley, Dudley, West Midlands, 2 miles from Wolverhampton city centre and close to the A449 and the A4123. He continues to treat thousands of his loyal patients, for beautifully natural-looking results, that last.

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Why see Dr Dan Dhunna for non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the West Midlands?

Dr Dan Dhunna is not only medically-qualified and highly-trained to perform a range of non-surgical procedures but has an artistic quality about his approach and methods. This means that you will not only be receiving the very best in medically regulated care in a clinical environment, but your precious face will be treated like a work of art. Approaching every patient as an individual and studying their facial anatomy with an expert eye and attention to detail is key, when conducting aesthetic procedures. This makes Dr Dan Dhunna one of the world’s leading elite in superlative treatments, achieving outstanding results.

Some of our most popular treatments at our Dudley clinic include:-

Botox in Dudley

Botox in Dudley – our most popular and sought after anti-ageing treatment, Botox® (Botulinum Toxin Type A) works by temporarily blocking the nerve receptors, responsible for causing facial expression lines and wrinkles. However, don’t worry, you won’t look frozen or expressionless as Dr Dan Dhunna is an expert at this procedure, but the lines and wrinkles caused by years of frowning, laughing, concentrating and smiling are temporarily smoothed away. Botox® can be used in many areas of the face for a variety of concerns, but is most often injected to minimise crow’s feet, forehead lines, Glabellar lines and nose wrinkles. A Botox® treatment with Dr Dan Dhunna in Dudley takes less than 30 minutes and can last up to 6 months, making it an extremely attractive treatment for those with busy lives. It’s virtually pain-free and offers very little to no downtime.

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Dermal fillers in the West Midlands

Dermal fillers in the West Midlands – Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are non-surgical face-savers. These skin plumping, facial sculpting and contouring saviours can create a more youthful facial appearance, using a myriad of techniques to enhance, re-shape, mould and sculpt the facial features. Dermal fillers can fill out deeper crevices and plump facial hollows as well as produce lifting effects without invasive surgery. Dr Dhunna insists on using only FDA approved and CE marked dermal fillers, most of which are manufactured Allergan, a global giant in pharmaceuticals and highly-respected by medical aesthetic professionals all over the world. From augmenting and reshaping the lips, contouring the chin and jawline, filling hollow temples and lifting the lower face, to non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose job), dermal fillers perform wonders when it comes to facial rejuvenation.

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Thread lifting in Dudley, West Midlands

Thread lifting in Dudley, West Midlands – dermal threads are the non-surgical answer to partial or full facelifting and can last up to 24 months. Fine PDO or suspension suture threads are used in specific areas of the face, using a special needle, or cannula inserted at a particular depth to physically and instantly ‘lift’ the skin tissues. They also act to improve the texture and resilience of your skin over time, by encouraging the increased production of collagen and elastin, vital skin substances which deplete as we get older. Dr Dan Dhunna is a highly trained expert at choosing specifically chosen dermal threads for specific facial concerns, and has spent many years researching which of the many threads on the market are more effective, as well as perfecting state-of-the-art, revolutionary techniques. Thread lifting can create a partial or full face lifting effect without the use of surgical scalpels, stitches and indeed, no hospital overnight stay. The downtime is minimal ( a few days rest if that) and does not restrict you from completing your everyday activities, as long as you follow the aftercare instructions given to you by the doctor. Threads are the perfect choice for those who are not yet ready for surgical facelifting but want a significant improvement in their overall facial appearance. Dermal threads can be alone or in conjunction with injectable anti-ageing procedures, depending what the doctor recommends.

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Skin boosters in Dudley

Skin boosters in Dudley – skin boosters have become hugely popular in the past 5 years as a way to inject liquid skincare. Using substances which stimulate the skin on a cellular level, encourage advanced skin healing, improving the skin’s tone and texture as well as encouraging the production collagen and elastin. Skin boosters are perfect for patients of all ages and who are seeking a full facial skin improvement, anti-ageing and wrinkle reduction. Unlike traditional dermal fillers, most of which sit innately under the skin, skin boosters contain substances which aid the skin’s own repair and wrinkle reduction by means of cellular regeneration and tissue ‘communication’. Suitable for both men and women, skin boosters can be used in conjunction with other injectable treatments, for a fully holistic approach to anti-ageing for both the face and body.

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To ensure you are suitable for any non-surgical treatment here at our clinic in Dudley, Dr Dan Dhunna will request that you attend a no obligation consultation, facial and skin analysis. This will help him to advise on the best course of action for the most impressive results. Your medical history will be checked, so that you can be sure of your safety with every procedure you undergo.

Speak with one of our clinical team here at Dudley, West Midlands to arrange your no obligation consultation with Dr Dan Dhunna, and take your first step to a more beautiful you, with our range of non-surgical, clinically-proven cosmetic treatments.

To book your appointment call 0208 168 0268

Northway Medical Centre, 7-8 Alderwood Precinct, Dudley DY3 3QY

Free Parking is available in the main car park in front of the building for the precinct and limited parking including disabled parking is available to the rear of the medical centre (location ground floor and first floor, lift available).

To book your appointment call 0208 168 0268