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Dermapen Skin Rejuvenation & Scar Treatment

The Dermapen is a revolutionary method of Microneedling that is far more advanced and efficient than previous therapies such as Dermaroller.

Much like the traditional dermaroller, the Dermapen creates thousands of microscopic channels in the skin which are then rebuilt with the bodies own wound healing restoration system. By doing so it activates an intense cascade of growth factors which lead to the development of collagen by upto 500%.

This collagen induction allows the body to heal itself and make the skin stronger and more resilient which is beneficial where skin rejuvenation is required such as sundamaged or older skin or acne scars and burns.

By creating an intense amount of new collagen, old damaged tissue is replaced leading to visible and tactile improvement in the quality of the skin improving scars and previous damage.

Dermapen is far more superior than traditional derma rollers as the length of the needle can be adjusted from 0.2mm to over 2.0mm allowing multiple areas of the face and body to be potentially treated by a single handpiece in a single season if required. allowing the Doctor to work up to the eye area as well as lines around the mouth.

Unlike the dermaroller which rolls over the skin, causing potential tearing, the dermapen is an electronic device which automatically moves the needles in/out of the skin and up to 8000 rpm whilst the Doctor can safely glide it over the skin minimising damage and unnecessarily pain.

As such the dermapen is far less painful and significantly preferred over the dermaroller by both patient and doctor and is safer for use on all skin types.

Some redness of the skin will be common, but this usually lasts only a few days and can easily be covered up by make up if preferred from the second day onwards. it is also advisable to have topical anaesthetic creams, as even though it is far more comfortable than dermaroller therapy, some mild discomfort may still be likely.

Most people benefit from on average of 3-4 treatments placed at 8 weekly intervals to maximise results but this can vary depending on your starting skin type and concern.

Many patients also then choose to have a session or two annually to maximise and maintain results further when achieved and treatments can be combined with other cosmetic therapy such as dermal filler, PRP and BOTOX as appropriate.


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