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The London Lift ®


The London Lift ® is a Bespoke Tri-Dimensional Non-Surgical Facelift created by Dr Dan Dhunna and first performed on on US Television CBS Network’s Primetime Show “Inside Edition”

Suitable for people who are considering a facelift procedure but feel they are too young or do not want the drastic wind-tunnel effect that it can sometimes lead to, the London Lift® is for you.

Dr Dan’s LONDON LIFT® has literally taken 10 years off my face. I just feel so fantastic and confident…” – Anastasia, Moscow, Russia

The London Lift ® is a unique system that combines Advanced BOTOX® techniques in the upper, mid and lower face, neck and jawline with Advanced Global Volumising and Recontouring of the face using Advanced Dermal fillers such as Juvederm Voluma and then improves imbalances of texture with the use of deep hydration therapies. Further skin tightening and lifting can be created by the addition of threads made up of either polylactic acid (Silhouette Soft/puppet lift) or PDO threads if required.

Utilising a myriad of different non-surgical techniques, Dr Dan Dhunna can help lift tired tissues, restructure the face and restore harmony and balance-all without a scalpel!

Asked for by name and popular amongst his legion of Middle Eastern and Russian patients who fly over for this true London experience; The London Lift ® is all about providing a World Class, Tailor-Made Cosmetic Experience, leaving you not only feeling like a “Brand New You” but feeling “At Your Best” without a scalpel in sight!

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