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Total facial rejuvenation

Total facial rejuvenationTotal facial rejuvenation: When you look in the mirror, do you study specific areas of your face? Do you scrutinise a wrinkle, pin-point a furrow or focus hard on a frown line? You will in no-doubt understand every distinctive contour, crevice and crease that your skin reveals over time and will probably imagine that a touch of Botox on this line, a little filler in that cheek, might solve these issues.

It’s natural to think this, especially if you think that ageing is unavoidable and only certain areas of your face can be improved. However, if you really have a desire to turn back the clock and give your whole face the gift of youth, rely only on a practitioner who is going to see the true potential of your beauty and the skill to reveal it.

An artist’s approach to facial rejuvenation

Dr Dan Dhunna is one of the UKs most renowned and prestigious facial artists in the aesthetic industry. Known as ‘the 21st century Michelangelo’, he uses his perfecting eye for art as much as his skills as a highly-experienced medical professional, to create facial masterpieces, much to the delight of his devoted clientele, many of whom you’ll see on the big screen and catwalks all over the world.

Dr Dan Dhunna does not simply look at a specific facial feature and treat this alone.

He will look at your face as a blank canvass, awaiting his brush of genius to holistically and carefully re-sculpt, revitalise and restore your skin, so that not only the wrinkle you so diligently stare at, day-upon-day is addressed, but the entirety of your face is subtly, beautifully and naturally enhanced; thus complimenting perfectly, the subtle nuances of your individual and unique facial architecture, for naturally beautiful-yet-noticeable results.

So how does he do it?

Dr Dan Dhunna has several tried, tested and proven procedures and techniques to hand when assessing your individual concerns. Having trained with some of the world’s finest cosmetic surgeons and utilising his natural artistic flair and passion for design, he uses his signature London Lift® which incorporates wrinkle-smoothing injections, dermal hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and PDO thread lifts to create a full-face improvement by lifting, relaxing and tightening the various tissues of the face. Alongside this is dermal airbrushing, a superficial treatment using a cocktail of Botox and skin plumping vitamins; so that you can look in the mirror and see a vast and significant improvement in your skin in its entirety and not just an ‘that little niggling line’ reduced.

Dr Dan Dhunna believes that assessing the unique contours and proportions of your face will assist him in making the wisest choices when it comes to treating you.

For example, you might be bothered by nasolabial lines and want to have them ‘filled’, he may see that a cheek lift using some dermal filler injections and thread lifting would be a more appropriate and effective long-term solution to the problem. You might notice that your crow’s feet are becoming more apparent and might believe that Botox will be the answer. He may suggest that using threads and a light dusting of dermal filler to correct these lines would be more complimentary.

His techniques have been carefully honed over many years to achieve more than pleasing results: they’re stunning.

Trusting expertise

You are an expert in studying your face, as you have probably been doing so for many years. You understand your face more than anyone in many ways. However, Dr. Dhunna is a specialist in seeing your face in a new light and how he can step in, to give your complexion, facial shape and structure a youthful supremacy. When you put your precious face in the hands of this master, you’ll realise that his expertise in using injectable substances to subtly-yet noticeably enhance your appearance is one that very few will possess. When you trust in Dr Dan Dhunna, he makes it his mission to give you the most superb results that you’ll want to return to him again and again.

Dr Dan Dhunna is debonair, flamboyant and a personality which is unique and engaging. He has worked tirelessly to perfect his skills in aesthetic medicine as well as recognising the beauty of everyone who walks in to one of his UK clinics. His artistry in using injectable solutions to issues of facial ageing is unsurpassed and once you have undergone a treatment with Dr Dhunna, you’ll trust no one else to enhance, beautify and maintain your facial appearance, for life.

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