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PDO Thread Lift


PDO Threads

Composed of PDO (Polydioxanone) threads inserted within fine needles, this approach comes from the Far East where initially the needles were used for Acupuncture.

PDO is a collagen producing material that has been used in medicine in the production of dissolvable sutures (stitches) for 30 years especially in the field of cardiac surgery.

These threads are very popular in the Far East specially in Korea and Japan where there are often called the V Lift procedure. Unlike many PDO threads on the market that are made in China, Dr Dan Dhunna only uses the exclusive high end 2nd Generation PDO threads which are manufactured in Korea and are CE marked in Europe producing not only safer better results but glide into the skin making the procedure even more comfortable for the patient

The Procedure

Much like the injection of a Hyaluronic Acid filler, fine needles are placed under the skin where a lift is required. Each fine needle is designed from Acupuncture technology and acts as a conductor for the PDO thread held within it. Once the main needle is removed it leaves behind the PDO thread which remains in the subdermal skin producing collagen before it naturally dissolves away over a few months.
The collagen produced and the ensuing lifting effect can last for 2 years.

The procedure is not particularly uncomfortable for the vast majority of patients however topical anaesthetic creams can be applied ahead of the procedure if wished and small injections of local anaesthetic can be used also in key areas if required.

Unlike suspension threads, PDO threads are relatively short and multiple threads need to be placed much like threads of filler under the skin to create collagen and hence the lift. However they are extremely versatile and can be used in a multitude of areas on the face such as drooping brows, saggy cheeks, loose jowls, corners of the mouth and to increase tightness and vitality on the neck and décolletage and even around traditionally challenging areas such as the eye to improve elasticity and crepiness. Downtime is minimal and most people can find that they can go about their normal duties with little compromise

4 Dimensional PDO threads

Dr Dan Dhunna is one of only a handful of skilled Doctors in the UK trained in this specialised technique with revolutionary 4D PDO Bi-Directional threads that have incredible lifting and tightening potential and can be used with a cannula! On average just 2 threads can be injected seemlessly and painlessly each side under the skin without the traditional risks of damage with a needle. Doing so allows Dr Dhunna to lift loose tissue from around the neck and jawline with considerable less risk of bruising and downtime to these delicate areas. The procedure is essentially pain free as a tiny injection of local anaesthetic is used to numb the entry point, and the use of the cannula minimises bruising and damage to the tissues.        Results can last 2 years and can be easily combined with traditional treatments such as BOTOX and Dermal Fillers if needed.

Side Effects and Downtime

Unlike suspension threads there are no cones so compression and temporary rouching of the skin are minimised. Much like a dermal filer procedure most people are happy to go about the majority of their daily duties straight away.

The procedure is altogether much simpler, however, like all injectable procedures side effects such as bruising and swelling can occur, and this can vary from patient from patient.

Improvement with combination of 4D & Basic PDO after 3 months

PDO b4 1  PDO after 1


Immediate improvement following 4D PDO to jowls/jawline


PDO b4 2 PDO after 2