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Dr Dan’s Clinic – Juverderm Ultra Smile

Dr Dan Dhunna appears on Harley Street Beauty and fills lips using Juvederm Ultra Smile from Allergan the makers of Botox.

Juvederm Lip Filler London Harley Street

We meet Dr. Dan Dhunna, the Michelangelo of Botox, as he takes on a complex case.

She needs to have a dazzling smile.

If you’re thinking of getting injectables in time for your wedding, we’ve got some essential advice for you from Botox guru Dr. Dan Dhunna, the Michelangelo of Botox. We headed to Dr. Dan’s Harley Street clinic find out more.

Today I’m treating Claire. Claire is a celebrity blogger and London socialite. Unfortunately Claire’s really worried about her lip area. When she smiles the lips look too thin. And obviously when she’s on the red carpet, when she’s projecting herself at the cameras she needs to have a dazzling smile.

I am a blogger, I blog about things about London, that’s how I got to meet Doctor Dan. I’ve heard he’s the Michelangelo of botox and he is really good and he’s really passionate about what he does. I’m quite conscious of when I smile, it kind of disappears and gums show, and looking back at pictures I’d quite like to fill them out a bit.

I’m going to be adjusting Claire’s upper lip, rebalancing one side over the other, improving a little bit of definition both in the upper and bottom lips. When done well, a lip treatment doesn’t take long. Preparation is always key. We’re gonna be using Juvederm Ultra Smile, which is a specialised lip product by the manufacturers of Botox and Juvederm, Allergan.

It’s an international pharmaceutical company that has a really strong physically, great heritage, and it’s a lovely soft smooth product that’s going to give you a lovely defined lip. Juvederm Ultra Smile actually has built in anaesthetics so it’s a very comfortable procedure that can be done quite quickly.

Last time when I had it done the numbing cream didn’t make my lips as numb, so it was little bit painful. It was last October so they’ve lost a bit of volume again so I’d like to get that done again today.

What you want is when you smile, obviously you enhance exactly what you see. Yeah, that’s exactly what I want. It is a lovely soft smooth product that’s going to give you a lovely defined lip, lots of suppleness, lots of lift, okay, so what do you reckon Wendy?. Smile?

We need to add a bit more because automatically that will give her a couple of extra millimetres.

Absolutely. That’s right. And she’s got the dip there.

She’s got some puckering there. I mean, at the end of the day, you know, it is a bit fiddly. How does that feel? Is that okay? So what I’m doing here is I’m elevating the border of the lips slightly, just giving Claire beautiful definition and border.
And that in itself can just elevate the lip beautifully. How does that feel? Is it all right, did it hurt much?


Juvederm Ultra Smile does contain anaesthetic, so immediately after treatment the mouth area will feel quite heavy and a little bit numb. So if you’re going for that after treatment drink, you may find that a little difficult.

Okay, Claire. We’re done. I’ll go show you what he looks like.

Yes please.

Ready? Here we go.

Oh, wow.

There’s a little bit of swelling.


It’s just that that looks a little bit shiny. It’s all fine little bruises here and there but that’s nothing that make up and lipstick can’t actually cover up. The important thing is that, as you know, you’ve got that fullness, it doesn’t look trout pouty it looks really natural.

You can really tell the difference.

We find out how Claire got on a bit later in the show.

Celebrity blogger Claire had mediocre results from her previous treatment, which is why she sought out Dr. Dan Dhunna to give her the lips she was looking for. Let’s see how she got on.

I came in for the Juvederm Ultra Smile treatment on my lips to make them fuller and I’d had no confidence since my last appointment last year when I had it done and it was quite painful, but I had heard that this clinic was really good. I’m 100% happy with the results. Lots of friends and family have complimented on my lips. They look natural. They’re more hydrated now. They don’t look like they’ve had any work done.

What we don’t want is a trout pout, a heavy look, a lip that doesn’t fit the face. When I assessed Claire earlier, I was looking at the way the lips sits with the chin sits with the nose sits with the eyes sits with the cheekbones.

So all these things have to be taken on board. And so the initial assessment and consultation is absolutely vital. It’s a very safe product because after a period of time the body will actually naturally start breaking it down. I get a lot of older ladies have got a bit of dry lips, scared of creams because of what the media unfortunately has projected.

But, putting just small amounts of Juvederm Ultra Smile just delicately in the lip you do get a subtle enhancement but you get that lovely hydration as well.

It’s definitely restored my faith now in this treatment.

Juvederm Ultra Smile can last up to 12 months. But the mouth area is highly vascular and it’s engorged with blood vessels and we’re constantly using the mouth area to talk and and to eat. In reality I find the Juvedern Ultra Smile lasts about six months to eight months, when done well.

My advice would be come see Dr. Dan. The Juvederm Ultra Smile, it didn’t hurt me at all. I’m very happy. Having the confidence with the smile and and having this treatment again is priceless.

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