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Advanced Fillers


Dr Dan Dhunna is highly versed with applying filler techniques to more challenging areas such as cheek and chin enhancements, lip augmentation and nose reshaping. These require significant expertise and precision, above and beyond that required for conventional techniques.

When we’re young our jawlines are tight, cheeks high and our lips full. As we get older there is considerable loss of the supportive pads of fat in the middle of the face and we also start losing the underlying bone.

The effect is like the floor being being taken away from under your skin and it begins to sag and droop, causing characteristic weakness in the cheek area. Mouths begin to sag and jawlines become heavier. Hollowing is also seen around the eyes and also the temples. Noses droop and lips lose their volume and become thin. And this is all before we take into account the effects of gravity! Even further, this whole process accelerates approximately 7 times after a woman’s menopause!

To restore the face and to bring back the “Triangle of Youth” temporary Hyaluronic Acid fillers are placed deep into these empty pockets, propping them up again allowing the skin to be lifting back restoring shape and improving contours.

Dr Dan Dhunna is an expert in this field and prefers to use products from the Juvéderm® range of fillers. These are made by Allergan and licensed for use in the US, Asia, Europe and the UK. He may advise the use of other FDA approved HA dermal fillers such as Restylane and Belotero, or Collagen stimulating fillers such as Radiesse and Ellanse depending on your specific concern.

What is a Micro-Cannula?

Micro-Cannulas are a revolutionary technique to inject dermal fillers. They are essentially flexible round tipped needles that do not cut but simply push tissue, blood vessels and nerves away, so reducing risks of swelling and bruising. Surprisingly this technique has very minimal discomfort and is the technique of choice for Advanced Doctors who want to minimise discomfort and side effects for their patients. Needles may still be used dependent on the area that is needed to be corrected.

Dr Dan Dhunna is fully trained in the use of microcannulas having learnt at the hands of the esteemed French Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Hervé Raspaldo at his clinic in Cannes, South of France.