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Dr Dan Dhunna in Premier Flight Magazine


For many years, Botox has been solely linked to cosmetic Fuse. We’ve all seen those awful TV programmes about
women who have had too much work done and as a result, look a bit frightening. Nowadays, Botox Is not exclusively a cosmetic procedure anymore. I decided to turn to an industry expert tor this month’s column, and a very dear friend, Dr Dan Dhunna of Harley Street. He’s been featured in Tatler, the Daily Mail, Good Housekeeping and more!

Eric Way (ERIC): How many non-cosmetic uses for botox are there and how many do you endorse or think are effective?

Dr Dan Dhunna (DAN): Botox is a brand name for Botulinum Toxin Type A, a protein derived from the Botulism germ. It has been safely used in medicine for over 30 years and acts as a muscle relaxant to treat a wide variety of conditions from squints to overactive bladders, neuralgia and its most recognised use, wrinkle improvement. There are now dozens of known uses tor this wonder drug including for armpit weating and chronic migraines! Facial fillers on the other hand are made of hyaluronic acid. a natural substance present in the skin. From the age of 25 the skin starts to lose hyaluronic acid leading to thinning and loss of elasticity. Dermal fillers can replace this and can also be used to shape and contour the race e.g. non surgical rhlnoplasty, chin and jawline augmentation.

ERIC: Have you seen an increase 1n demand for the non­ cosmetic uses for botox and what benefits do you think they offer?

DAN: Twenty years ago, hardly anyone knew about these treatments let alone were able to access them. Contrary to belief, it’s not all about vanity. Of course. there will be people that want to look younger and hotter for their instagram profile, but my patients engage in these treatments for a wide range of reasons. Many see it as an extension of general well-being and grooming. I disagree with the term anti-ageing, this is more about age management. Looking and feeling as best as one can for the age one is!

ERIC: How effective are these sorts of treatments?

DAN: These treatments are incredibly effective with quick if not immediate results. A wide variety of people choose to see me as my work is considered natural, artistic and elegant. Nobody likes angry armpit sweat patches in the office (with the smell to boot!) and Botox works to reduce sweating which has been a lifesaver for many of my male patients. Treating top CEOs for foul sweating means they can perform their presentations with ease without the fear of having to constantly mop their brow.

ERIC: Have you seen any adverse reactions to botox and what are the potential side effects?

DAN: It is very uncommon to have any real problems with these procedures when done by experienced, trained, medical hands. Most unwanted effects are a result of poor assessment and inJection technique leading to too much or too little effect Thankfully, Botox only lasts three to four months and although filers are much longer lasting (up to two years) they can be dissolved away. A little light post procedural swelling and redness may occur which are self­lim,ung. Bruising risk is altogether low and can be reduced further by avoiding alcohol a few days before treatment. The use of arnica, vitamin K oxide and bromeliad may be helpful here.

ERIC: How can Botox help migraines?

DAN: This is a really satisfying use of Botox, that can bring so much relief to so many people who suffer from this awful condition. Often just relieving the strong muscular action of the frown can reduce eye strain and improve headaches but when Botox ,s inJected in the forehead, neck, shoulders and temple area it causes a relaxation In these tense muscles which are often the cause of chronic headaches. It also works directly on the painful nerve signals blocking them and the release of certain chemicals involved in the pain pathway. For those who also grind theJr teeth, causing wear and damage to the teeth and jaw ache, this area can also be treated. As Botox treatments can last several months 1t can give long standing, effective pain relief.

ERIC: Do you see more men or women for non-cosmetic botox? Why do you think this is?

DAN: Whereas women tend to suffer from more migraines, many men may have been introduced to Botox from the sport and musculoskeletal standpoint making it easier for them to consider such treatments for other purposes.

ERIC: What would your advice be for someone considering a non-cosmetic botox procedure?

DAN: Despite social media’s portrayal, 1t ls very Important to understand that these are indeed medical procedures and must always be performed by licensed medical practitioners. BOTOX is a prescription only medicine and fillers are medical devices. In experienced, trained hands they are very safe and effective and provide reproducible results.

You can find Dr Dan Dhunna at his stunning medical practice on Harley Street, London, or his other practices across the Midlands and Cotswolds. For more information, visit

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