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Dr Dan Dhunna comments on filler sales in the Mirror

Girls as young as 17 offered lip fillers as clinics flout ban on teens without ID checks

Government ­guidance states: “It is a criminal offence to administer botulinum toxin (commonly known as ‘Botox’) or a filler by way of injection for a cosmetic purpose to a person under 18 in England, even if they have the permission of someone over 18. It is also an offence to make arrangements or book an appointment to provide these treatments to anyone under the age of 18 in England.”

Kits are sold on web without ID checks
Some online retailers are selling lip fillers with no ID checks, an investigation found.

Advanced cosmetic doctor Dr Dan Dhunna said: “The UK is the only country in the world where anyone without medical qualifications, including children, can purchase fillers at a click and inject their friends in their bedrooms without any consequence.”

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