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Solihull’s ‘go-to’ lip doctor

lip fillers in BirminghamIf you’ve ever thought of having dermal fillers for your lips, you’ll know that the market is saturated with practitioner after practitioner, all stating to be the best at what they do. However, it’s important to realise that not everyone who performs this treatment have the expertise, skills and qualifications to do not just a good job, but an amazing one. From his clinic in Solihull, within easy reach from locations such as Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry, Dr Dan Dhunna offers superlative dermal filler treatments, utilising his medical knowledge and over 2 decades of experience in this practice.

When you think of lip fillers, so often you might think of that ‘over-done’ look; the ‘trout pout’ or ‘fish lips’. This look is definitely something that Dr Dan Dhunna does not practice or condone, as it goes against what we are trying to achieve in the first place – a natural and more youthful look, complimenting the unique facial anatomy of each and every patient. Dr Dan Dhunna uses products which are clinically-proven to last, are FDA approved and CE certified and are manufactured by a company which only supplies to medical professionals. He also uses the most modern, innovative and risk-aversive techniques, in many cases, using a cannula, to promote faster healing and less bruising.

When you come to visit Dr Dan Dhunna at his location at MK Health Club in Shirley, Solihull, you’ll first be asked some questions about what bothers you about your lips. Is it their general thickness or plumpness? Is there some asymmetry to the lips? Are you happy with the bottom lip and simply want to accentuate your upper lip? Or indeed vice versa. Dr Dan Dhunna will also speak with you about the procedure itself and how he plans to create the look you wish to achieve, the product he will use and expected longevity of results. Most importantly Dr Dan Dhunna will check your medical history to ensure you are a safe candidate for lip fillers. Once you are both satisfied that you will not only benefit from dermal fillers for the lips, but will be suitable, you can proceed with the treatment.

A dermal filler lip treatment doesn’t take too long to administer, however, you may be offered a topical anaesthetic prior to the treatment. This takes around 30 minutes to take effect, in which time you can relax, read a magazine or listen to some music. Once the numbing cream has done its job, Dr Dan Dhunna can do his. He may use a traditional needle or cannula to inject the chosen dermal filler. After which, he will most likely mould and shape the product with his fingers, ensuring a smooth result. Expect some swelling and some minor bruising for a few days after your treatment and for full and proper results to be seen at around 2 weeks.

Dermal fillers are a superb way to enhance, rejuvenate and augment the lips and Dr Dan Dhunna’s patients in and around Solihull all swear by his artistic flair and professional approach to medical aesthetics.

If you would like a no obligation consultation to discuss a lip filler treatment with Dr Dan Dhunna, simply contact our team to arrange an appointment.