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What lip fillers do celebrities use?

celebrity lip fillersWe all want to look youthful and vibrant and dermal fillers for the lips can make a significant difference when it comes to restoring and revitalising this area. As we age, the lips can become thin and dehydrated, accentuating any asymmetry and generally making us feel less confident. It’s no wonder then, when we see our favourite celebrity, sporting luscious and glamorous lips, we are going to wonder “what dermal fillers do they use?” From his clinics in London and the Midlands, Dr Dan Dhunna has treated thousands of patients, from TV stars to models, housewives and husbands to career men and women and the fact is, whether his patients are in the public eye or not, Dr Dan Dhunna will not compromise on the quality or safety of the dermal filler products he chooses to use.

Dr Dan Dhunna is one of the world’s leading lip experts, when it comes to dermal fillers and with over 20 years in the business, knows pretty much, all there is to know about the products and the most innovative and effective, safe techniques to be using for optimum results. After initially, researching tirelessly, the many dermal filler brands out there, Dr Dan Dhunna selected a very few, FDA-approved, CE-certified brands, for his use. One such product range, to which Dr Dan Dhunna would ambassador is Juvéderm by Allergan. Allergan is one of the most well-respected medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world and their dermal fillers (which are only sold to medical professionals, here in the UK) are famed for their efficacy and safety profile. Dr Dan Dhunna takes very seriously, the issues surrounding fake or sub-quality dermal fillers, which are not only risky for even medical professionals to use, but are being sold to non-medics. This is highly dangerous, as those who do not have medical training and do not understand how to manage any complications, no matter how rare (less rare when non-medics inject) can risk the looks and even the health of their clients. Dr Dan Dhunna often encounters patients who have had a treatment with a non-medic and require assistance or advice on how to deal with the mistakes they have made. It’s a worrying business and we always advise that you research any practitioner that you are considering to administer your dermal filler treatments, to ensure they have the necessary medical qualifications, training in dermal fillers as well as a good amount of experience in this field. You definitely don’t want to be someone’s ‘guinea pig’ when it comes to non-surgical injectable treatments.

The quality of a dermal filler is not only vital for its safety profile, but the longevity of the results. Some poor quality fillers won’t contain high enough percentages of hyaluronic acid, the main component of dermal fillers and when a filler that is not viscous or stable enough is used, it can mean that the results last far less than with a brand such as Juvéderm by Allergan. Dr Dan Dhunna wants all of his patients to benefit from the longest lasting results as possible and this is why he will not compromise in this area. He has excellent relationships with the brands that he chooses and is constantly being updated on new developments and products. This is something that other brands simply couldn’t afford to do for their clients, who will be paying far less for their ‘sub-standard’ fillers.

Making sure that you receive the very best dermal filler treatment means ensuring that you not only have a safe procedure with a medic, but that the filler treatments are of the highest quality, and the brands are supporting their customers (your doctor) in every way they can, to maintain knowledge and excellence across the medical aesthetics industry.

Dr Dan Dhunna takes great pride in representing these brands, by offering state-of-the-art, safe and innovative procedures which minimise complications and side-effects (using a cannula for instance, to minimise bruising). Everything falls in to place, when the doctor who is delivering a superlative treatment, is supported by the brands who lead the way in safety and efficacy and who will not supply to anyone who does not fly the ‘medical’ flag.

If you want celebrity results, remember, pay cheap, pay twice and not only this, a cheap product, administered by a non-medically trained practitioner, might mean you paying the price in more ways, than just your money.