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How do lip fillers change your face? (as part of a non-surgical full face rejuvenation)

How do lip fillers change your face?Lip fillers are hugely popular in the UK and probably the most popular dermal filler treatment, performed by Dr Dan Dhunna, from his clinics in London and the Midlands. Did you know however, that as part of a non-surgical full facial rejuvenation procedure, lip fillers can enhance the facial features, offering a more youthful and pleasing outcome.

What happens during a full face rejuvenation using dermal fillers? With Dr Dan Dhunna?

A full facial rejuvenation using dermal fillers can work wonders for someone who is experiencing more advanced signs of ageing, from hollow temples, sunken cheeks, a sagging jawline, thin lips to under eye bags and jowls. In a no obligation consultation, Dr Dan Dhunna, one of the world’s leading facial rejuvenation experts, will carefully examine every part of the face, taking into consideration the proportions which create the appearance of youthful beauty, whilst respecting the individuality of the patient and their natural face shape and contours. The lips play a large part in determining how the face will look, as the eye is drawn to them, when we speak and eat. The projection of the lips (how the lips look from side-on) is also a very important consideration, when using dermal fillers for a full facial rejuvenation.

Applying dermal fillers in too large amounts, can cause too much of a projection and can mean that the lips look fake. As Dr Dan Dhunna has not only the medical expertise to understand how the facial proportions should be, but an artistic eye for natural and complimentary beauty, he will never over fill, but will use the most innovative techniques to place dermal fillers in exactly the right areas, at specific depths of the skin tissues, to enhance the lips and rest of the face, but maintaining a very natural appearance. The facial features should be balanced and work in harmony with each other, to produce a fresher, less tired looking appearance, with more symmetry and grace. No one feature should ‘stand out’ or be noticed more than another. This is when a patient can look over-done or actually, older than their years.

The types of dermal fillers that are used for the lips, in a full non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure are extremely important also. Dr Dan Dhunna insists on using the highest-grade, FDA-approved fillers for safety and efficacy and will choose the products to be used in the lips, as with every other aspect of the facial anatomy, extremely carefully. Too thick, and the product will look bulky, too thin, and the product will simply pale in to insignificance. The lips are constantly moving and therefore, can metabolise dermal fillers quite quickly; so Dr Dan Dhunna will choose a product that will give a natural and soft appearance, but will last in the lip area. The type and brand of filler that Dr Dan Dhunna intends to use is discussed in a pre-treatment, no-obligation consultation, prior to any injectable procedure being agreed upon.

The lips are an integral part of the face and should be treated with respect, when we come to using dermal fillers. It’s important that the natural shape of the lips is enhanced, and Dr Dan Dhunna will make sure that he injects into very specific areas for each individual patient. He may decide to inject in to the vermillion boarder, or the body of the lips, or even a mixture of both. The upper lip may require more attention, or vice versa; or both upper and lower lips might need a similar treatment, depending on the unique shape and required style by means of outcome. Every patient is different, and have different needs. This is something that Dr Dan Dhunna’s keen artistic eye and medical background assists.

Dermal fillers for the lips can offer amazing benefits, in a stand-alone treatment or as part of a full face rejuvenation and we should never underestimate how powerful this treatment can be, by means of anti-ageing.

If you are considering a treatment using dermal fillers, with Dr Dan Dhunna, simply call one of the London or Midlands clinics and book your no obligation consultation, for beautiful results and inspired confidence in the future of your looks.