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Tear trough fillers – how do they work?

tear trough fillersIf you know about dermal fillers, you might know that they can be used for the treatment of under eye bags or ‘tear troughs’ as they are referred to in cosmetic medicine. As we get older, all kinds of unwanted changes start to happen to the face. We lose certain tissues such as bone mass, muscle, fat and substances within the skin, such as collagen and elastin. Our cheeks can start to sag and the skin around the eyes becomes less taught. As the eye sockets enlarge due to bone loss, the eyes can become sunken and the skin can loosen. We may also notice a crevice under the eye bag. This is what is known as the ‘tear trough’. In many cases, invasive surgery is not needed at this point, although a solution for these changes in the under eye area might be sought. This is when Dr Dan Dhunna can help, using dermal fillers for the tear troughs.

So how do dermal fillers for the tear trough work?

To understand how a tear trough treatment using dermal fillers work, it’s good to understand what dermal fillers are. Dermal fillers are very fluid to very viscous injectable substances, which, depending on the indication, can be placed very superficially to very deep within the skin tissues (and all in between). They contain hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a lubricating and cushioning ‘sugar’ found within the body in areas such as the skin, eyes, connective tissues and the joints. HA is a super hydrator for the skin as it attracts up to 1000 times its own weight in water, so when injected, plumps, lifts and hydrates the skin tissues. Using a specifically-designed dermal filler which is more fluid than one that is used to correct facial contours (a non-surgical nose job or jawline augmentation for example) can give the skin a boost, fill the under eye crevice but will not over plump the skin so as to look un-natural.

Using dermal fillers in the tear trough is a very precise treatment and takes a medical practitioner not only with the correct training, but with years of experience in understanding the various products available, their performance, the facial anatomy and the newest and most innovative techniques for this particular indication. Dr Dan Dhunna has 20 years’ experience in advanced injectable procedures; and is one of the UK’s leading experts in tear trough rejuvenation.

Am I suitable for a tear trough dermal filler treatment?

As with any non-surgical cosmetic treatments at Dr Dan Dhunna’s clinics in London and the Midlands, we always need to check to make sure that you are safe and suitable for a chosen procedure. This is why we ask that you attend an initial consultation, risk-free and with no obligation, so that the doctor can check your medical history, examine your facial concerns and come up with a bespoke treatment plan entirely based on your individual requirements. You can also ask any of those burning questions that you wish to ask, as well as discuss any potential aftercare or downtime which might be relevant, after the procedure. Once Dr Dan Dhunna and you are happy to proceed with a dermal filler treatment for your tear troughs, you can go ahead and book your appointment.

In some cases, a dermal filler treatment for tear troughs may not be suitable. For example, if you have a lymphatic issue with your eyes (where fluid tends to be held in the eye area, making them look puffy) Dr Dan Dhunna may not recommend that you have a dermal filler treatment in this area. This is because dermal fillers hold so much water, than this could exacerbate the issue. If you suffer with dark circles in this area, you might find that a dermal filler treatment may not address the issue. However, in some cases of dark circles, a dermal filler treatment can lift up the skin tissues and somewhat disguise the dark circles. If you have pigmentation of the skin under the eyes, a course of peels may be more beneficial, as dermal fillers do not alter or lighten the tone of the skin. Fillers are best at lifting and supporting the skin tissues, so can instantly revitalise under the eyes, where creases and folds appear but every case is different. This is why Dr Dan Dhunna offers an armoury of alternative treatments for those who may not necessarily benefit from fillers, but who still wish to address their under eye concerns.

Which dermal filler product is best for the under eye area?

Dr Dan Dhunna carefully considers the products used for this delicate area of the face. The skin under the eyes is only 1mm thick and over time, can become weaker and less taught. Therefore, treating this area must be done expertly and with the very best product available. Most dermal fillers which sculpt the facial contours are thicker and more viscous, so as to last longer and support these areas. If these products were used in the delicate skin under the eyes, it could result in the product being visible or creating lumps and bumps. Therefore, Dr Dan Dhunna will only use dermal fillers that are especially designed and licensed for use in the tear trough areas and by reputable brands such as Juvéderm by Allergan. These FDA approved dermal fillers are more fluid and will not be visible under the skin. This will ensure that a totally natural outcome is achieved and the dermal fillers used will integrate perfectly within the skin tissues of the under eye area.

A dermal filler tear trough treatment can produce outstanding results when performed by a medically-qualified, fully-trained and highly-experienced practitioner such as Dr Dan Dhunna. He will ensure that you understand all there is to know about the treatment, the expected results and how long he feels the results will last (usually up to around 12 months). He will ensure you understand what you can expect from the treatment and achieve a completely natural result; helping you to look and feel more youthful, confident and full of vitality. The difference in your under eye appearance can be amazing if you choose your practitioner and product, wisely.