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The perfect lip filler

the perfect lip fillerEveryone wants the perfect shaped pout. Velvety smooth lips which ooze sensuality, adorned in perfect proportion to the face and as symmetrical as humanly possible (none of us have perfect symmetry of the facial features) and for some of us, we may have to seek the expertise of a cosmetic medical professional to achieve an exquisite mouth and full, smooth and luscious lips. But with so many practitioners out there, offering all sorts of dermal filler procedures and products, it can be a daunting task to seek the very best in cosmetic lip filler treatments. From his clinics in London and the Midlands, Dr Dan Dhunna offers professional, expert advice, uses only the very best products and is a master of sculpting the lips using non-surgical injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, for stunningly natural-looking results.

Many of us have witnessed what can go wrong when someone tries to cut corners (and costs) with a dermal filler lip treatment. Larger than life lips that seem to protrude out of the face with no movement, no softness and a strange, alien-like quality about them, as a white line seems to appear above them, as product migrates away from the natural lip line. This is not what we want to achieve at Dr Dan Dhunna’s clinics in London and the Midlands and a natural, pleasing look, no matter how dramatic or subtle you want your results to be, is what Dr Dan Dhunna can achieve with his expertise and armoury of high-grade FDA approved dermal filler products. Whether you want to erase some smoker’s lines, correct asymmetry or whether you want a more show-stopping effect with a fuller lip look, Dr Dan Dhunna will create a natural effect without compromise.

Achieving perfection when it comes to administering dermal fillers comes down to several factors:-

  • Being medically qualified and expertly trained
  • Having many years’ experience in practicing cosmetic medicine
  • Using FDA approved fillers from pharmaceutical pioneers such as Allergan
  • Having an artistic eye and natural flair for aesthetic beauty
  • Listening to the patient and getting to know what they truly want from a lip filler treatment
  • Respecting the balance of the entire facial anatomy and form
  • Perfecting innovative techniques using revolutionary tools to minimise side-effects such as bruising
  • Offering superb aftercare and top up treatments if required at a set time, post-treatment
  • Knowing when to advise on stepping away from having more treatment (in cases of body dysmorphia)
  • Having a respect for reputation, safety and knowledge within the industry

These qualities do not come overnight and are not learned on a one or two day training course at a beauty academy (buyer beware, there are non-medics out there claiming to be aesthetic practitioners) and dermal filler lip treatments are certainly not one-size-fits-all when it comes to techniques and using the right product. In fact, Dr Dan Dhunna has perfected several ‘looks’ over the years, as he has come to realise that his patients all want something different, but sometimes don’t know exactly ‘what’. So he uses the following as a guide, so you can understand what is involved and choose the look that you want to achieve and which would be best for you:-

  1. Classic– By treating the Natural Vermillion Border of the lip, lips become more defined and open, also preventing lipstick from leaking. This is a perfect shape for subtle lip enhancement and a perfect style that will suit everyone.
  2. Butterfly– This style focuses on the top lip accentuating the central cupid’s bow and gently lifting the outer edges. A flattering shape for any occasion.
  3. Supermodel– Get Runway Ready with this pouty design. Focussing on the lower lip adds instant glamour. Suitable for any fashionista.
  4. Goddess– The Ultimate Head turner! A full showy top and bottom lip to get you noticed. Dare to give it a try?

It is important to use these styles as a guide, as not everyone will suit each style and a combination of techniques and offerings might be required to suit your own unique and individual concern. To decipher whether dermal fillers are suitable for you and which technique he will use in your case, Dr Dan Dhunna will request that you attend a no obligation consultation, prior to any dermal filler lip treatment being carried out. He will assess your facial anatomy, discuss your requirements and goals as well as check your medical history. Once you are both happy with the plan that is put in place for your dermal filler lip treatment, you can go ahead and book your appointment for treatment.

A dermal filler treatment with Dr Dan Dhunna is one that is comfortable and calm and that will give you the beautiful results you desire. However, it’s important to realise that after any treatment using a needle (or in many cases now with dermal fillers, a blunt-ended needle called a cannula), there can be some swelling, bruising and tenderness following your treatment. Therefore, we ask that you wait 2 weeks before expecting to see your final results. It is at this point in time you may wish to re-visit the clinic for a top up treatment or revision, however, this is very rarely required.

The killer question on everyone’s lips who come for a dermal filler lip treatment here at Dr Dan Dhunna’s clinics, is “how long will my results last?”. As Dr Dan Dhunna uses FDA approved, highly pure substances, the results are lengthened, when compared to using sub-standard ‘cheap’ fillers. However, your own results will rely on how you respond to the HA within the dermal fillers, your lifestyle choices (smoking, sun-exposure, excessive exercise can all reduce longevity of results). This will all be explained to you in your pre-treatment consultation. However, one can expect the results from a lip filler treatment to last anything from 6 months to a year.

If you are considering lip fillers and would like to achieve the very best in expertise, superlative products, artistic flair and beautiful results, you could do no better than to choose Dr Dan Dhunna as your lip saviour, for now and for many years to come.