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Dr Dan Dhunna’s comments featured in LADBible – How does Paul Rudd look so young?

A viral tweet by Asma Khan, owner of Darjeeling Express in London, shows actors Paul Rudd and Dan Levy enjoying a meal. Twitter lost it at how good Rudd looked, with great skin and a relaxed expression. How has he defied ageing like that?
Paul Rudd is 52 and best known for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which Dr Dan is a big fan of!) as Ant-Man. Guest Dan Levy is best known as co-creator and star in sitcom Schitt’s Creek, and is looking great himself.

Dr Dan Dhunna’s reply to the tweet looks to provide some explanation on why Paul Rudd looks younger than his middle age.

“Men over 40/50 do not have to look knackered. Skin/hair/teeth/weight. That’s the key. All of Hollywood have help from people like myself, nutritionists, PTs, hormone Drs. Keep it all in check and you’ll look great for a very long time. ps I hope to visit your restaurant soon too”

Having one of the best cosmetic doctors on hand for your skin, alongside someone taking care of your health, nutrition and fitness certainly helps you look youthful!

You can read the full article on LADBible here.