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How long do lip fillers last?

Lip fillers - how long do they lastIt’s a common question and one we get asked all the time, here at Dr Dan Dhunna’s clinics in London and the Midlands – “How long will my dermal lip fillers last?”

It’s not a simple one to answer. Every patient is different in how they live and take care of themselves or even their natural physical ability to metabolise hyaluronic acid. However, we can go some way towards answering this question before your personal consultation with Dr Dan Dhunna.

Suppose you are someone who has had dermal lip fillers in the past, which only lasted a couple of months. The likelihood is that if you smoke, sunbathe regularly, partake in intense exercise often, or have not radically changed your lifestyle since your treatment, you’ll probably find that your lip fillers may naturally only last this long. However, if you have seen a different practitioner to Dr Dan Dhunna in the past, who has used a product that isn’t viscous enough, or a product that doesn’t have a history of longevity, there may be some hope! Dr Dan Dhunna only used highly-regulated, clinically proven and FDA-approved dermal fillers. The good news is that there are plenty of products to choose from when offering dermal fillers for the lip area.

The Juvéderm range of dermal fillers from Allergan offers very fluid to very thick, viscous products, and Dr Dan Dhunna swears by them. Allergan is a revered and respected global pharmaceutical manufacturer, supplying a range of medical products used worldwide by leading cosmetic medical professionals.

When choosing the right product for your unique lip concerns, Dr Dan will consider that you will need a longer-lasting and perhaps more stable dermal filler in an area that pertains to a lot of movement. If you have explained that in the past, your dermal fillers may not have lasted as long as you would have liked, he will check the product last used and may suggest a filler that may be slightly thicker. This may mean a little more swelling happens after your treatment, but the result and longevity can mean that you’re happier in the long run.

As Dr Dan Dhunna is one of the world’s leading experts on lip augmentation using dermal fillers, he will be able to assess your requirements in a pre-treatment consultation. You may wish for a very subtle result, where only a small amount of added volume is required. In which case, results may last between 4 and 6 months, or, if you are seeking to dramatically increase the size, or re-shape or correct the lips, he may need to add more volume and use a thicker filler. In many cases such as these, results could last up to 12 months.

There are four signature looks that Dr Dan Dhunna has perfected, and most of his patients fall into one or a combination of these categories:

1. Classic – Dr Dan Dhunna treats the lip’s natural vermillion’s outer border offering more definition and a more open look to the lips. It also prevents lipstick from ‘leaking’ out of the lip line. A perfect shape for subtle lip enhancement, and a perfect style that will suit most patients looking for a natural lip filler results.

2. Butterfly – This focuses on the top lip, accentuating the central cupid’s bow and gently lifting the outer edges. A flattering shape to lift a downturned mouth appearance.

3. Supermodel – this young, pouty design focuses on the lower lip and adds instant glamour.

4. Goddess– The Ultimate Head-turner! A full showy top and bottom lip to get you noticed.

Using his many years of expertise in lip enhancement using dermal fillers, Dr Dan Dhunna will select the most appropriate technique and product for results that you will truly love, whilst offering a safe treatment in a clinically regulated, professional environment. The longevity of your dermal lip fillers can be enhanced, by a healthy lifestyle, protection against the sun and moderate exercise, as well as drinking up to 6 glasses of water per day and using a high-grade cosmeceutical skincare range and high-factor SPF.

Dermal fillers have come a long way, and there is now a vast range of medical-grade products from the Juvéderm range to choose from. Therefore Dr Dan Dhunna can ensure that you will get the longest-lasting result from your dermal filler lip treatment possible.