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Everything you need to know about Harley Street

London Harley StreetHarley Street is located in the heart of central London and has been famous as one of the world’s leading hubs for cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery, it seems, forever.

This epicentre of private practice began in 1713 when Edward Harley married Henrietta Cavendish Holles, the daughter of the Duke of Newcastle. Henrietta had inherited the 92-acre Marylebone backwater, and the couple entrusted architect John Prince to re-develop the area. What resulted was a highly prestigious and stunningly attractive grid of beautifully proportioned multi-story townhouses. The opening of Marylebone Road in 1756, signified the gradual progress north of this highly-acclaimed estate.

In the earlier days, professionals occupied the townhouses of Harley Street. However, after these members of smart society began re-locating to Mayfair and Belgravia, it was throughout the 19th century that specialists began to arrive.

Renowned medical professionals such as Florence Nightingale, Sir Joseph Lister (pioneer of antiseptic surgery) and Sir Frederick Treves (who treated Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man) resided in Harley Street. By 1873, 36 doctors were living and practising in these dwellings, and the numbers were rising.

In 1932 The London Clinic was opened by the Duchess of York, accompanied by her husband, the Duke of York, who later became King George VI. The hospital has been dedicated to pioneering healthcare ever since.

As transport became more readily available both in and out of Marylebone, doctors began to move to the quieter, suburban parts of the city. They stopped living above their surgeries, making way for more to occupy these multi-levelled buildings, and Harley Street became the international centre for private practice that we know today.

Currently, over 5,000 medical specialists work in Harley Street under the landlord of the Howard De Walden Estate. Modern facilities enable safe and clinical working practices in the beautiful historical townhouses, 18 of which are grade II listed.

With this grand history and famous reputation, it is no wonder that Dr Dan Dhunna occupies one of the spectacular clinics on Harley Street. He offers his patients professional cosmetic treatments such as wrinkle-smoothing injections (Botox®), dermal fillers, PDO threads, chemical skin peels, PRP and dermal airbrushing, in opulence only seen within historical buildings such as these. There is something truly magical about Harley Street, and you’ll feel you’re a part of history when you visit us.

Getting to Harley Street could not be more accessible. Underground links are countless as this area of London is so central. Oxford Circus and Bond Street, located on the Central Line, are a 5-minute walk away, and if you’re coming from outside London, Kings Cross St Pancras is a 10-minute tube or cab ride away. Regents Park, Warren Street, Russell Street and Holborn are all close by, and Paddington and Marylebone offer easy access via London Underground or cab. There are convenient tube links to Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Waterloo and Edgeware Road.

Getting to Harley Street by car is similarly easy, with connectivity to the A1, A406, M1, M25, A10, A503, A13 and the A12, making a journey from west, east, or north London is simple. Just be aware of rush hour times and the increase in traffic that this can bring, so leave plenty of time to arrive and park. We are fortunate in this part of London, as parking near Harley Street is surprisingly abundant, with off-road parking along adjacent streets and convenient NCP car parks in Cavendish Square and on the Marylebone Road.

As you’re no doubt aware, if you are ever wondering if you’re in the right place, or find yourself a little lost, one of London’s famous black cabs is never far away, and Harley Street will be no problem for your cabby to find, after all, it’s one of the most famous and prestigious streets in the world!

If you are looking for the very best in cosmetic treatments from one of the world’s masters in one of the most famous areas of London, you will not be disappointed when you visit Dr Dan Dhunna at his Harley Street Clinic. Historical opulence, unsurpassed medical expertise and the knowledge that so many famous and respected pioneers of the medical world have lived and worked here in Harley Street, will leave you feeling that your journey to us, has been an extraordinary one, indeed.