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Dr Dan’s guide to jawline filler

jawline fillersOur faces can go through a lot as we age, and it’s not simply fine lines and wrinkles that can start to get us down. One of the most obvious signs of facial ageing is a sagging jawline and jowls.

As we age, the skin becomes less taut and toned, and bone mass, muscle tone, fat distribution, and collagen and elastin can all be compromised as part of the ageing process. This can result in lower facial skin sagging and a weak jawline, where once it was contoured, taught and sleek.

Ageing isn’t always the culprit of a weak jawline. Many people simply find that they have a natural predisposition to an asymmetrical or less than sculpted jawline and seek help in this area.

Dr Dan Dhunna is one of the UK’s leading cosmetic doctors and specialises in dermal fillers for a weak jawline to re-contour, re-shape and revitalise the lower face without invasive or painful surgery.

Dermal fillers are injectable substances containing hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally-occurring ‘sugar’ in the body responsible for hydration and cushioning. It’s found in areas such as the joints and connective tissues, the eyes and the of course, within skin tissues. Dermal fillers are highly versatile when it comes to facial rejuvenation and can treat a myriad of facial concerns. When a very thick, dense dermal filler is injected into the jawline, it can re-sculpt and re-build this area, creating a lifted, more contoured and youthful-looking appearance. Contouring the jawline using FDA-approved dermal fillers can significantly affect the entire lower face and balance the facial anatomy. Dermal fillers can also correct asymmetry in the jawline or a less than pronounced profile and produce a more youthful and pleasing lower facial shape.

What happens during a dermal filler treatment for the jawline?

Dr Dan Dhunna uses the most innovative and effective techniques when applying a dermal filler treatment for the jawline. After numbing the area with some anaesthetic cream, he will most likely use a cannula for treatment – a blunt-ended needle that is now considered more complimentary for sculpting dermal filler treatments to reduce the risk of significant bruising. Precisely measured amounts of the chosen dermal filler along and around your jawline produce a more sculpted and toned appearance and lift the skin under the jaw.

Once the dermal filler has been injected, Dr Dan Dhunna will most likely massage and shape the dermal filler product to create a smooth and natural-looking contour. The procedure should not take more than 30 minutes (not taking into account any numbing time), and you can return to your daily routine immediately after, with no clinical or considerable downtime or side effects.

When will I see the results from jawline dermal fillers by Dr Dan Dhunna?

As dermal fillers have an instant sculpting and lifting effect on the skin tissues, you will see some results immediately following your treatment. Still, it’s also worth considering that you might be a little swollen in the treatment area for a day or so. Therefore, expect optimum results to be seen around a week to two weeks after your jawline filler treatment.

Over months that follow, you will also notice your skin becoming more hydrated, plump and toned, with better laxity and ‘bounce’ back. Dr Dhunna can perform any ‘tweaks’ or adjustments to the treatment at two weeks post initial procedure.

What are the side effects?

As dermal fillers mimic your own naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, there are very few side effects to having this treatment. There might be, however, a little swelling, mild bruising and tenderness around your jawline for a few days. This is very normal, and using a cannula instead of a traditional needle for your jawline filler treatment reduces the risk of bruising quite considerably, as a cannula will slide past blood vessels and veins that, if punctured, can cause these bruises.

You can also reduce the risk of bruising by taking arnica a few days before your treatment and minimising your intake of alcohol and caffeine, both the night before and after your jawline filler procedure.

Dr Dan Dhunna will give you some simple aftercare guidelines; avoiding hot saunas, baths and steam rooms, avoiding touching or rubbing the treatment area for at least 48 hours and sleeping on your back the night after your treatment to minimise the risk of rubbing or putting pressure on the treatment area. He will most likely advise you to avoid contact sports or excessive exercise for two weeks after your treatment to the dermal filler product to settle.

A dermal filler treatment is a highly effective, quick and safe, non-surgical option for jawline contouring. Results can last many months, depending on your response to the product injected and your subsequent lifestyle choices (smoking, sun exposure, diet, exercise, pollution levels etc.). You will be able to discuss the expected longevity of your results in your initial, no-obligation consultation with Dr Dan Dhunna, before the treatment being carried out. Together, you will discuss your desired results and formulate a plan for a smoother, more toned and youthful-looking jawline contour.