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Dermal fillers for men: more common than you think?

Although still a small share of the aesthetics market, the number of dermal filler treatments performed on men is growing! There could be several reasons for this increase in trend.

dermal fillers for menIt could be the fact that more men take notice of what their partners and spouses are having done, see the great results they achieve and want to investigate what they can do for themselves, or the fact that more middle-aged men are now getting separated or divorced and simply want to revitalise their looks later in life, so they feel more confident when back on the dating scene, or it might be that in today’s climate, we are now conducting more video-based meetings for work and recreation, such as Zoom, FaceTime , WhatsApp or Teams and guys are spending more time analysing what they look like on screen and want to improve what they see!

Whatever the reason for the rise in popularity of dermal filler treatments for men, we are definitely experiencing it at Dr Dan Dhunna’s clinics in Harley Street-London, Solihull, Birmingham, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Bridgnorth-Shropshire and Dudley. Dr Dan Dhunna offers a natural approach to injectable cosmetic treatments and this could be why more and more men are flocking to the clinic, to look better but without looking ‘overdone’ or even that they have had any work done at all!

Dermal fillers are actually replicated from a naturally-occurring substance, present within our own bodies – the eyes, the joints and connective tissues and the skin. This substance is called hyaluronic acid (HA) and can attract and hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water. This means that when it is injected in to the dermal and sub-dermal layers of the skin, it plumps, hydrates and smoothes, like no facial cream or serum ever could!

Dermal fillers are also made up of a gel-like substance, which acts as a support, scaffold and a lifting mechanism, to raise up the skin tissues, creating volume and lift. So HA dermal fillers act both innately within the skin layers and on a cellular level, to improve facial contours, sculpt and mould specific anatomical features as well as to encourage hydration and moisturisation of the skin cells and tissues. So, when it comes to a myriad of anti-ageing effects, it’s basically a win-win!

In years gone by and with some negative reporting in the press, men may have shied away from having injectable dermal fillers, for fear of looking ‘strange’, feminine or cartoon-like. This could be no further from the truth when you undergo treatment with Dr Dan Dhunna. He has spent more than the last two decades studying, researching and training in the art and medical skills of injectable dermal fillers, so that he produces astoundingly natural results, using small quantities of product but with maximum impact!

The kind of treatments that guys will ask for are those to ‘refresh’ their facial features and not so much to re-shape them drastically. A subtle enhancement for the cheeks, filling heavy or deep lines, creating more volume in the temples, correcting a misshaped or asymmetrical nose and strengthening the chin and jawline profile are some of the results that can be achieved using dermal fillers. Lip treatments have been known to be administered to men too, but simply to give a more hydrated, smoother skin appearance (which may have been suffering from years of sun-exposure or smoking).

Whatever your facial concern, as a man, you have just as much right to like what you see on that computer screen, during a Zoom call and when you look in the mirror, as a woman does. It’s no longer seen as ‘unmanly’ or even unnecessary for a guy to care about his looks and present himself in a way that says to the world “I look good and I feel confident”. The ‘cave man’ can now still be manly, but with less ‘wilderness’ and more ‘woah’!

If you have some concerns about your facial ageing, how your skin is looking or even if you’d like to enhance a facial feature you never thought was possible without invasive surgery, call us to make a no obligation with Dr Dan Dhunna, where he will discuss with you what you’re looking to achieve and how he can help you achieve it. With his skill, understanding of the male facial form and an eye for subtle-yet-effective treatment of a particular facial feature for an overall improvement, you can achieve a more refresh and revitalised look, without drastic measures.

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