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Does chin filler change your jawline?

chin jawline contouringFor those patients who feel that they may have a weaker chin than they would like, a chin enhancement using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers could be just the ticket to create a more pronounced profile in this area. Some of our patients who are recommended this treatment to correct their chin at worry that a chin filler treatment could alter their jawline too, when there is absolutely nothing wrong with this area.

Dr Dan Dhunna has performed both chin and jawline fillers for thousands of men and women who are unhappy with their lower faces and each procedure is unique as every one of them. Here we explain more about chin and jawline dermal fillers to dispel the nervousness around this procedure, for some who think their jaw will be affected by a chin filler treatment.

How does chin filler work?

Dermal fillers act to sculpt, shape and contour certain facial features, but a precise application means that when injected, the specific dermal filler used for a chin enhancement, will not spread as far out as the jawline. In a pre-treatment consultation, you will discuss your specific facial concerns before any procedure is undertaken, so that Dr Dan Dhunna can understand the specifics of what you are looking to achieve. In cases of a weak chin, only the very tip of the chin will be treated, so the jawline is left untouched by the doctor’s needle or cannula. In a case such as this, the chin will look more pronounced, especially when the face is viewed as a side profile. Having a chin filler treatment can enhance that ‘heart shape’ which is synonymous with a youthful visage. With a very simple and subtle enhancement, a significant change can be achieved.

Treating a double-chin with dermal filler

Dermal fillers for a double chin may be where jawline treatment is necessary, as to disguise this problem, one must not only enhance the projection of the chin, but in some cases, lift, tone and sculpt the jawline for a sharper, pronounced look. This does not mean that you will end up looking ‘jaw-heavy’ – more that you will be able to notice a more attractive ‘sweeping’ line from your chin to your ears, defining your jawline and taking years off your appearance. For men, jawline fillers along with chin enhancement can give a stronger, more masculine appearance. In women, expect a sophisticated, glamorous and youthful-looking jawline.

Staying safe with dermal fillers

Both treatments for the chin and the jawline using dermal fillers must be performed by a highly-qualified, medical expert such as Dr Dan Dhunna. Far too often we are seeing some disastrous outcomes which have been performed by non-medics who have taken it upon themselves to believe that they are safe with a needle or cannula in their hands. Injecting the face or body with any substance requires years of extensive training and knowledge of the anatomy, products used (Dr Dan Dhunna only used FDA-approved, high-grade dermal fillers for all his treatments) and emergency action to take if any unforeseen circumstances occur – which is ironic in itself as side-effects and problems are rare with medical professionals, but seem to happen much more often with those who simply do not have the medical knowledge to handle such events.

Dermal fillers in the wrong hands can cause life-changing issues, so it’s vital that you only let someone with the necessary medical qualifications and wherewithal to offer you a safe and effective treatment.

Chin filler results

Chin fillers are becoming far more popular due to the fact that the results can be seen immediately (allowing for some swelling, bruising and tenderness following the treatment) and don’t require a surgical implant, which is a much more invasive procedure. Chin fillers also have the advantage of being temporary (lasting between 9 and 12 months) and though it might seem annoying to have to return for repeat treatments in comparison to permanent implant surgery, there is a distinct advantage in that as your face shape changes over time (which it will, due to the natural ageing process), Dr Dan Dhunna can alter the dosage, location and depth of injections to offer a wholly bespoke and tailored treatment for your own individual facial contours and profile, for superbly natural-looking results, every time.

Dermal fillers have paved the way for non-surgical facial sculpting in recent years and continue to lead the way for those who wish to maintain a youthful and healthy appearance without undergoing risky or invasive surgery. With his expertise and artistic eye, Dr Dan Dhunna will deliver a treatment with results that you’ll love; precisely, safely and beautifully.

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