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Why more people are opting for jawline and chin fillers in London?

chin and jawline fillers LondonThe ageing process can be a traumatic one and as time goes on it might seem that it’s an uphill struggle to maintain a youthful and sculpted facial profile. The natural effect that skin sagging has on the face can be seen in many cases, in the lower facial area. As the skin on the cheeks moves south, jowls can appear and what once was a naturally chiselled jawline, could become less contoured. The chin can also start to look weak and this can lead to a more square looking face, where once it may have been heart or oval shaped. It used to be the case, that only invasive face-lifting surgery could correct facial ageing. However, there is now another answer – no scalpel blades, no time off work and no extensive bruising or stitches. In London and indeed, all over the UK, more and more people are saying “no” when it comes to succumbing to the ageing process and opting for safe and effective, non-surgical solutions.

When it used to only be possible to alter the shape of your face with dramatic and invasive surgery, nowadays, dermal fillers can work miracles for lifting, toning and sculpting certain facial features. They’re fast to administer, versatile and temporary by means of results, so as the face changes over time, the treatment can be altered and tweaked, for the most natural-looking and flattering outcome. The problem with a traditional facelift is that once the operation has been completed, there’s no going back. Dermal fillers can, not only lift, tighten and re-shape the chin and jawline, but can also improve the quality of the skin, adding hydration and a plump tone and texture to the skin tissues, something that a facelift cannot do. What’s more, is that with dermal fillers you will see an instant result and there is very little, if any downtime. You may experience the odd bruise, a little swelling and some tenderness in the chin or around the jawline, depending on where the cannula has been inserted and the product placed, but that’s really about it! Aftercare is simple, don’t rub, touch or sleep on the area for a couple of days, cover up any bruises with a mineral makeup, avoid strenuous exercise, hot baths, steam rooms or saunas for a few days and be sensible when choosing certain activities in the 2 weeks that follow, so as to give the product time to settle in.

Why choose Dr Dan Dhunna for your chin and jawline filler treatment in London?

Dr Dan Dhunna is a seasoned expert in the application of treatments for facial rejuvenation and revitalisation. He has over 2 decades of experience, working both in the UK and overseas and is a fully-qualified medical professional, something that is vital to ensure your safety and efficacy, with any injectable treatment. From his decadent and beautiful London clinic, located in Harley Street, the heart of cosmetic practice since the early 1800s, Dr Dan Dhunna can offer you a range of cosmetic treatments to suit your needs. He will initially ask that you attend a pre-treatment consultation, so that he can really get to know you and what is bothering you about your facial ageing. He can also check your medical history, discuss any concerns or questions that you may have and create a bespoke treatment plan, for superlative results, all administered in a clinically-regulated and professional environment.

Dr Dan Dhunna goes far and beyond when it comes to treatment techniques. Through his passion for perfection, he has created The London Lift®, a unique system which combines the advanced use of Botox®, Juvéderm dermal fillers and thread lifting techniques, applied to specific areas of the face, to create a full face-lifting effect, without invasive, uncomfortable and time-consuming surgery. With this revolutionary method, Dr Dan can help lift sagging skin tissues, re-contour the facial anatomy and support the skin for a taught, toned and more youthful appearance. Results are seen both immediately and over time, as the skin responds to the effects of the dermal fillers and PDO or Silhouette Soft threads and creates its own collagen, during the weeks that follow your procedure. This means that the skin is working for itself, to repair, replenish and heal. What’s not to adore about this treatment!?

With the help of Dr Dan Dhunna’s expertise, artistic and creative eye and passion for facial beautification, you can achieve a more youthful and jawline contour, smoother skin and restored vitality, without going under the knife or taking any risks associated with invasive and permanent surgery. Put your face in Dr Dan Dhunna’s hands and let him take the years away, naturally and beautifully.