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Give your skin a boost this winter with Restylane Skin Boosters

Give your skin a boost this winter with Restylane Skin BoostersThe wintertime can play havoc with our skin. Central heating can dry and dehydrate it, the cold winds can aggravate it and the dark dull weather can leave it feeling lacklustre. Creams and lotions can only do so much when it comes to real replenishment and in some cases, traditional injectables such as Botox® and dermal fillers might not be the answer we are looking for.

In the past decade, a new trend in injectable skincare has become THE go-to treatment for both men and women, looking to maintain a healthy and youthful skin appearance, without undergoing surgery or more traditional injection therapies. From his many clinics throughout the Midlands and London, Dr Dan Dhunna offers the Restylane range of skin boosters for better skin from within!

What are Restylane skin boosters?

Restylane skin boosters are formulated to provide the deepest skin hydration possible. They are made from hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a naturally occurring substance found in the body and helps to cushion and provide hydration to areas such as the eyes, joints, connective tissues and of course, the skin.

The Restylane range of skin boosters come in 2 formulations, Restylane Vital and Restylane Vital Light. They’re suitable for all skin types and help increase hydration and skin resilience. The beauty of Restylane skin boosters is that they are manufactured with 0.3% lidocaine (an injectable anaesthetic) and are delivered through a comfortable, exclusively-designed pen injector, so that only the most precise amounts of liquid are delivered with no wastage.

Restylane skin boosters are perfect for both men and women who want to boost their winter-ravaged skin for a natural and pleasing result. Skin boosters act with the tissues and help the skin to replenish itself on a cellular level. As Restylane skin boosters are very liquid, they are unlike traditional dermal fillers in that they will not sit innately under the skin, but rather integrate with the skin’s tissue matrix, rehydrating and revitalising from the inside-out.

Skin boosters are also suitable for most ages and have been clinically-proven as an effective treatment for the face, neck, decolletage and hands. Skin boosters can also be used on any areas of skin that are crêpey and damaged, such as the elbows and knees.

What’s more, if you are seeking a holistic approach to anti-ageing, Restylane skin boosters can be used in conjunction with other treatments, such as Botox®, dermal fillers and threads, to provide a more significant facial rejuvenation course of treatment.

Am I suitable for skin boosters?

Anyone who has dry, dehydrated and ageing skin can benefit from a course of skin boosters, but it’s important to speak with Dr Dan Dhunna in a pre-treatment consultation, about any medications you are taking or any medical conditions you have, whether long-term or temporary.

Making sure that any cosmetic treatment is going to be a safe option for you to undergo, is of utmost importance and part of Dr Dan Dhunna’s duty of care as a fully-qualified, ethical and professional medical practitioner. Once you have had your initial meeting and it has been agreed that skin boosters will indeed be safe and beneficial for your skin concerns, you can then go ahead with the treatment.

Skin boosters can be the welcome ‘drink’ that your skin needs, especially in winter. If you feel that the cold, dark and damp weather has taken it’s toll on your skin, give it some ‘cellular replenishment’ with Restylane skin boosters – with Dr Dan Dhunna.

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