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Rejuvenating the whole face with dermal fillers

facial rejuvenation with fillersIt’s a sobering fact that ageing happens. The once heart-shaped face, rounded cheekbones and chiselled jawline we enjoyed in our youth may not last as we get older.

Losing one’s youthful looks can be upsetting, especially if sun-damage, certain medications, pollution and some lifestyle choices mean that this happens prematurely. Fortunately, modern cosmetic medicine offers innovative, proven, safe and non-surgical solutions to facial ageing and one such treatment is a full face-lift using injectable dermal fillers.

Dr Dan Dhunna is one of the UK’s and arguably one of the world’s leading authorities on facial rejuvenation using injectables and has mastered the full facelift using dermal fillers in the many years that he has been in practice. From his numerous clinics across the UK including London’s Harley Street and Knightsbridge, Dr Dan offers natural-looking yet-stunning results with no scalpels, hospital stay or lengthy downtime.

Non-surgical facelifting with dermal fillers

Facelifting using injectable dermal fillers is not only a procedure which needs to be administered by a medical professional, such as a doctor, dentist, surgeon or nurse, for the safest and most effective results; but it require an artistic and creative eye.

To assess the facial anatomy as a whole and to recognise the subtle nuances which will make all the difference to a patient’s appearance is what sets apart a ‘good’ injector from a ‘great’ one. Dr Dan Dhunna appreciates art as much as he does science and combining the two ensures a safe treatment, using his meticulously-honed medical skills and an unprecedented appreciation and respect for every individual’s natural facial beauty.

Clinically-proven, FDA approved dermal filler products in specific quantities means that you will love your new, revitalised appearance and no one will know what you’ve had done; they will just know you look younger and full of vitality.

Dedication to the art of injectables

The secret is to not go overboard with the amount of dermal fillers used and to use a skilled and perfected judgement on where, how and why to inject in to a specific area. It’s a sad fact that many so-called dermal filler practitioners, though perhaps trained correctly, simply don’t have the natural ability to be able to offer their patients a natural looking treatment.

We regularly see larger than life cheeks, squinty eyes and frankly, silly-looking lips on patients who come to us for dermal filler corrections and this is not something that Dr Dan Dhunna will ever wish to emulate or achieve. Rather like a painter who may have spent years in art school but who has no natural ability, simply painting by numbers and not using one’s instinct or flair doesn’t cut it when it comes to giving someone a superlative treatment with injectable dermal fillers. Dr Dan Dhunna has dedicated his life to offering beautiful results and it’s no wonder that he is in such demand and that his patients return year-on-year, to benefit from his expertise.

Facelifting with filler: your consultation

Before any treatment can commence however, we will always ask that you attend an initial consultation with Dr Dan Dhunna. Only when Dr Dan Dhunna has examined your unique facial anatomy, spoken with you at length about your desired results and meticulously checked your medical history, will you be able to proceed with a dermal filler face-lifting treatment.

This initial meeting helps both of you to build a rapport and understand each other. It will also ensure that you are medically-suitable for treatment and that there are no contraindications that could prevent or restrict your dermal filler face lift.

What is a dermal filler treatment like?

During your treatment you should feel no pain as the dermal fillers used contain lidocaine, an injectable anaesthetic. However, as Dr Dan Dhunna tends to use cannulas as a preferred delivery of dermal fillers for dull face-lifting (as they reduce the risk of bruising and damage to blood vessels and skin tissues), there may be some slight tugging and pulling sensations during the treatment. This is completely normal and is more of a strange than painful sensation. Once Dr Dan Dhunna has injected the right amount of filler in to the specified areas requiring treatment, he may gently massage the product or mould it using his fingers. This, rather like a sculptor is how Dr Dan Dhunna achieved a smooth, natural enhancement. As he works with you to achieve your desired results, he will advise on any aftercare that is required; however, there is no need for a lengthy recovery period, as no ‘clinical’ downtime is necessary with full facial rejuvenation using dermal fillers.

Results and maintenance of non-surgical facelift

You’ll see results straight away, as the dermal fillers act to support, sculpt and lift the skin tissues as well as support features in need of augmentation. However, there may be some swelling, bruising or tenderness immediately afterwards. Therefore, after a period of 2 weeks is normally the time you will expect to see the full results. After which, should you require any adjustments to your treatment, you may return to the clinic for a post-procedure follow-up appointment.

The longevity of your full facelift using dermal fillers will depend on how you take care of your skin, your general health and whether you expose your skin to intense UV rays. It will also depend on your body’s own natural metabolism of the dermal filler product. Those who lead very active lives or who perhaps partake in lifestyle choices such as smoking, may find they need to return to the clinic more often than those who enjoy moderate exercise and who follow a healthy lifestyle. The skin is a living thing and responds to inner and outer stresses. The excellent work that Dr Dan Dhunna undertakes, will need to be supported by you and the choices you make for your skin’s wellbeing and vitality, for longer-term results. Many dermal fillers can last anywhere from 6 to 24 months, but it would be remiss of any medical practitioner to guarantee the length of time you will experience your results as an individual. Invest in good quality skincare and lead a healthy lifestyle and you may well enjoy results for many months at a time.

Book a consultation with Dr Dan Dhunna today

It’s no longer always necessary to enlist the services of a plastic surgeon to restore and revitalise the facial features. In many cases, with dermal fillers and Dr Dan Dhunna’s extensive experience in this field, you can achieve a younger, more beautiful version of you, without the need for invasive surgery.

Contact the clinics of Dr Dan Dhunna today for more information on facelifting with dermal fillers, or to book a consultation at one of his UK bases.