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The perfect lip: achieving the best lip filler treatment

lip filler treatmentsAchieving the best lip filler treatment possible: Most of us have seen a sub-standard lip filler treatment at one time or another.

Those big, duck-like lips where far too much product has been injected and then ‘migrated’ to areas outside the lip line, giving a white appearance to the upper lip. It’s enough to put anyone off having a cosmetic procedure. One could argue that in many cases, the patient has ‘demanded’ more and more treatment and has lost sight of how they look – being led astray by famous faces in the media and becoming obsessed with having cosmetic treatments. In some cases, body dysmorphia is to blame – a psychological condition where a person simply cannot see in themselves what others see and almost becomes less confident with every treatment – yet believes that more is more!

We could also argue that the practitioner responsible is the one to blame and sadly, many non-medical practitioners are now offering injectables alongside their beauty treatments and this is something that should not be happening.

In truth, there are thousands of lip filler treatments performed in the UK by medically-qualified professionals, offering beautiful results. Dr Dan Dhunna performs this treatment thousands of times a year and creates subtle-yet-stunning outcomes for his loyal patients who return to him time after time for the treatment, as they trust his judgement, skills and advice implicitly. Achieving the perfect lip using dermal fillers is something that takes years of experience and a natural flair for art and creativity and these are qualities which Dr Dan Dhunna possesses.

Is there such a thing as a best lip filler treatment?

We could argue that there is no ‘perfect’ lip, as we are all asymmetrical after all. However, this is all down to the opinion of the patient as well as the beholder. Many younger patients see certain TV stars, models and singers who have overly large, bulbous lips as ‘fashionable’ and how they want to look. Unfortunately, the results of too much dermal filler, injected by sub-standard ‘wannabe’ injectors, to create this look can be catastrophic, long term. Creating what might be better-termed as a ‘beautiful lip’ means assessing the facial anatomy as a whole and balancing the features accordingly. It also takes a keen eye for the lips themselves, their overall size, shape, upper-to-lower lip balance and projection.

Balancing the chin, nose and forehead profile also comes in to play; as well as a whole host of other factors, such as the injection techniques to use (whether to use a needle or cannula), the type of products used and their varying viscosities, the patient’s age, lifestyle, desires for results and assessing their medical history, to ensure that they are safe and suitable for treatment.

None of this comes from a ‘one day’ training course – nor indeed would the safety of a patient be certain, if the practitioner was not medically-trained. Dr Dan Dhunna is dedicated to his patients’ safety at all times and his clinics across the UK all adhere to CQC and GMC guidelines, as does the doctor himself. You will find that medical practitioners undergo far more scrutiny and safety checks than non-medics. Something of comfort to those about to have a needle or cannula injected in to their skin. So why take the risk?

Where science meets art: lip filler treatments refined

Achieving the best lip filler treatment  for you requires an artistic eye as well as a scientific and medical background and there is far more to the procedure than looking at a patient’s lips in a one-dimensional way. Dr Dan Dhunna uses multi-faceted techniques, training, extensive skills and expertise to build a diamond-faceted picture of who you are, what you’re looking for by means of results and advising you when to perhaps hold back on treatment. For a medical professional such as he, it’s about delivering natural-looking, stunning results, but not just once, but for life. Ensuring the safety of his patients and building a relationship with them that spans years, is what sets Dr Dan Dhunna apart from many.

If you are considering lip fillers and would like to achieve the very best for yourself, your looks and your health and wellbeing, invest your time, research and money in selecting a practitioner who has your safety and beauty at the heart of everything he does and artistic creativity in how he sees your potential beauty and you will indeed, get your ‘perfect lip’ for many years to come.

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