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Dermal filler maintenance and top-ups

dermal fillers maintenance and top upsIf you have ever had a facial treatment with dermal fillers, you’ll be aware that the difference it can make to your facial structure, tone, shape and skin quality can be immense! However, most safe and regulated dermal fillers on the market today offer temporary results.

This might seem a little inconvenient at first, but when you consider that the face is constantly changing over time, maintenance and top up treatments can be a Godsend for those of us who want natural-looking beautiful results, without surgery. The face changes over time, so the use of dermal fillers long-term, can offer more natural-looking results than surgical procedures.

Dr Dan Dhunna offers both initial dermal filler procedures for facial beautification and correction, as well as regular maintenance top ups, to his loyal patients here in Solihull, West Midlands.

Why should I have regular maintenance treatments with dermal fillers?

Even though dermal fillers offer temporary results, Dr Dhunna prefers to use filler that can last 12-24 months.

This isn’t to say that you will require exactly the same treatment each time you go back to see Dr Dan Dhunna. The face changes with age and Dr Dan Dhunna will respond to these changes by tweaking your treatments accordingly. He may choose to add a little more product, place product in a slightly different area to the time before or even reduce the amount of dermal filler he places in to a particular facial feature or contour. This flexibility that dermal fillers offer ensures that you are getting perfect results for your facial anatomy at that time and not having to make provisions for years in the future, when your face shape, contours and skin tone would most likely have altered.

For Dr Dan Dhunna, using dermal fillers to enhance your natural beauty is like creating a work of art and he uses not only his medical qualifications and skills, but his artistic flair and passion, to subtly correct and soften your look.

Can anyone have dermal fillers?

Most patients who are not entirely happy with their looks, whether it’s face shape, asymmetry, the signs of ageing or the quality of their skin, can usually benefit from a treatment using dermal fillers, if indeed, this is something that they are considering. However, it’s important to ensure that a specific treatment will not only benefit your particular facial concern, but will be a safe treatment to undergo.

This is why, here at Dr Dhunna’s clinic in Solihull, we request that you attend a no-obligation consultation with the doctor, so he can speak with you at length about your treatment plan, the initial procedure as well as how he feels your maintenance top ups will best suit your needs. It is at this point that he will also discuss with you, your medical history along with any medications that you might be taking, so he can ensure there are no contraindications that would prevent you from having such a treatment.

Once both he and you are satisfied that dermal fillers would be beneficial and offer you the results that you’re seeking, he will invite you back to the clinic for your first treatment.

The first treatment will be one of a journey that you and Dr Dhunna will take, for the long-term beautification of your face. Dermal fillers have been proven to significantly revitalise, re-shape and re-structure the facial features for a more youthful visage and they can be a life-long saviour for facial ageing. With a practitioner such as Dr Dan Dhunna who uses only the very best, clinically-proven, FDA-approved products and the most up-to-date injection techniques, dermal fillers can pave the way for you to achieve beautiful results with none of the scalpels, sutures or lengthy downtime that surgery requires.

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