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Will anti-wrinkle treatments treat eye bags? Tear trough treatment

Botox for ear bagsWill anti-wrinkle treatments treat eye bags?: Eye bags can affect many of us, as the hands of time take their toll. Eye bags occur when the membrane that holds back the fat under the eye socket begins to weaken and lose elasticity. The withheld fat then starts to bulge out, giving that puffy and permanently tired look to the face. The face also loses fat, muscle and bone mass as we age and this can further contribute to annoying eye bags. Simply look at a photo from 10 years ago and you’ll inevitably notice that your cheeks are fuller and your eyebrows are higher. Many of us over the age of 40 will experience this unwelcome sign of ageing, but what can be done about it?

Will Botox help my eye bags?

Many patients that come to the esteemed cosmetic doctor, Dr Dan Dhunna assume that wrinkle-smoothing injections will help to cure their under eye puffiness. This tends to be a misconception. Botox is a purified protein which will certainly help to reduce dynamic lines and wrinkles, but it won’t reduce the appearance of those bulging fat pads. It’s great for crows feet, next to your eyes, but it isn’t the solution most are looking for.

For this, treatment with dermal fillers for the tear trough, so if you’re fed up with being told you look tired all the time, then there is hope.

Rule out a medical issue

Before you undergo any cosmetic treatment for your eye bags, it’s important to establish the cause of the bags and that they are not the result of an underlying medical condition.

As a medically-qualified doctor, Dr Dan Dhunna will approach your orbital area as a doctor first and as a cosmetic physician, secondly. He will ask you a set of questions in an initial consultation, to rule out any need for medication to treat a condition that you may or may not be aware of and will also look into your medical history, to ensure there are no contraindications that may prevent you from having a dermal filler tear trough treatment.

Only once he is fully satisfied that you are fit and well and that your eye bags are simply a result of the natural ageing process, he can proceed.

What are dermal fillers for the tear trough?

Dermal fillers for the tear trough are now thought of as revolutionary as a non-invasive alternative to eye bag surgery but can only be performed by experienced medical professionals, as it’s a tricky procedure to perfect. Dr Dan Dhunna is a seasoned expert in the delivery of dermal fillers for this area and has trained with some of the world’s leading experts on this treatment. It involved making multiple tiny injections using temporary dermal fillers, especially formulated and approved for the delicate area under the eyes. The dermal filler plumps out the depression that appears between the eyes and the cheeks as we age.

Injecting the tear trough won’t cure the bulginess of the eye bag per se, but will camouflage it and soften the edges around the bags, making them less obvious, smoother and subtle. It takes Dr Dan Dhunna between 15 and 20 minutes to perform this treatment and the results are instantaneous, often lasting anything from 8 to 18 months.

Further improvement can be made at home using simple-yet-effective remedies, such as cold tea bags placed on the eyes in the morning, specialist cosmeceutical eye creams and drinking plenty of water and of course, getting enough sleep. Dr Dan Dhunna can advise you of the right aftercare, skincare products and changes in your lifestyle that you can make to optimise the results that he delivers and improve the look of your eyes for the future.

Eye bags – tear trough treatment with Dr Dan Dhunna

Eye bags don’t have to be something we have to put up with. With Dr Dan Dhunna’s skills as a highly-experienced medical – cosmetic artist, he will be able to get you back to looking alert, awake and with youthful vitality once more!

Contact Dr Dan Dhunna today for more information on tear trough treatment, or to book a no-obligation consultation at one of his clinics.