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Fillers vs Thread Lift: Do I need dermal fillers or a thread lift?

dermal fillers or thread liftFillers vs Thread Lift: The facial anatomy goes through some major changes as we age and many of them aren’t too welcome. We lose skeletal mass as well as fat, muscle tone and various other tissues, which can cause the skin to sag and lose its tone, especially around areas such as the eyes, cheeks, jawline and the neck. The skin itself can also suffer, with the depletion of essential substances well-known for their youth-giving properties, namely collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid (HA). This reduction over time can lead to lines and wrinkles, crêpey and dry skin as well as dullness and a lacklustre complexion.

The good news is that an esteemed cosmetic doctor such as Dr Dan Dhunna, has dedicated his life to restoring lost youth in the faces of his devoted patients and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise as well as an armoury of treatments and techniques to work with. With such a choice as there is today, it’s difficult to decide for ourselves which procedure would both suit our needs and requirements. This is where Dr Dan really comes into the frame for the very best advice and expert application of your chosen treatment.

Fillers vs thread lift

Dermal fillers are extremely well-known to rejuvenate the facial features as well as plumping, lifting and supporting the skin. These HA-packed injectable skin restorers can be used in a wealth of ways in virtually all areas of the face, providing structure, tone, moisture and a more sculpted, youthful facial appearance.

PDO threads have become more popular in recent years due to their collagen creating properties. Inserted in to areas which need lifting and tightening, these magic threads can provide a mesh-like support system underneath the skin to instantly lift sagging areas such as the cheeks and the neckline, whilst, over time producing a ‘healing’ response within the dermis which encourages the skin to speed up its production of collagen, resulting in a tighter, firmer, more sculpted and youthful visage.

You aren’t expected to know the answer to what is best for you when it comes to fillers vs thread lift.

Knowing whether you would benefit from dermal fillers, thread-lifting or indeed, a combination of both for the best results possible is tricky to decide on alone and it takes a highly-qualified medical specialist to help you make these important choices. Dr Dan Dhunna can expertly analyse your facial structure, skin tone and texture and will discuss your options in great detail in an initial consultation, before any treatment can take place. His decision will be one that carries it’s weight in gold, after all, he treats thousands of patients every year with dermal fillers and PDO threads and has even trained in an exclusive technique called 4D PDO threads which only a small handful of doctors in the UK have been able to master and perfect.

Facial rejuvenation with Dr Dan Dhunna

Dr Dan Dhunna is passionate about facial rejuvenation and beautification using these two, most tried and tested methods and will ensure that you obtain the most natural-looking yet-spectacular results with the help of his keen eye for detail and artistic flair as one of the most reputable and highly-regarded facial aesthetic practitioners in the world.

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