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Facial masculinisation with dermal fillers – the superhero look

facial masculisation with dermal fillersFacial masculinisation: The male face exhibits several features which set it apart from its female counterpart. A balanced forehead, good nasal proportions, strong cheekbones and a chiselled jawline all lend themselves with the traditionally male-looking visage.

As we age, the once youthful features of the face can change dramatically. Where men were once considered ‘rugged’ and more able to age ‘gracefully’, social expectations and varying lifestyle choices such as being back on the dating scene or marrying later on in life means that it’s not only women anymore who need to be on point when it comes to good looks. Men need to up their game too!

Dr Dan Dhunna offers youth-giving treatments to many male patients who are now not afraid or embarrassed to enhance or improve their looks; and not just for their existing or prospective partners, but for themselves.

Injectable dermal fillers offer natural and subtle enhancements (when delivered safely by such an expert as Dr Dan Dhunna) and as we all know, with cosmetic enhancement, less is definitely more. Some small changes can make all the difference when it comes to making a man look like a man, but without looking ‘over done’ and Dr Dan Dhunna has the edge when it comes to medical professionalism, combined with artistic flair and the use of proven, FDA approved products for safety and enhanced efficacy.

Dermal fillers contain a substance called hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a naturally occurring sugar compound, found within the eyes, connective tissues, joints and of course, the skin. HA offers hydrating properties and when contained in a gel-like injectable substance, can build volume, re-structure, support and lift the facial features for a more youthful, wide-awake and rested look.

If you are beginning to see your youth disappear when you look in the mirror and want to regain some of your vigour and vitality, a treatment with dermal filler injections, strategically placed into the areas that require some subtle enhancement, can go a long way to helping you regain your handsome rigour and masculine features.

Dermal fillers can be used in the following areas of the face to enhance the male features:

  • At the temples – where this area tends to hollow – giving a skeletal appearance with age.
  • Under the eyes – to reduce eye bags and dark circles
  • In the cheeks – to create a stronger, higher cheekbone
  • In the nose – to correct asymmetry, disguise a bump or simply create a more attractive nasal appearance
  • In the lower facial area to correct jowls, build up a weak chin or create a chiselled jawline
  • The mouth – to reduce smokers lines, build a stronger looking lip area and eradicate a downturned smile

So, where do you start with facial masculinisation?

Initially, you won’t be walking into Dr Dan Dhunna’s offices and having a treatment straight away. Dr Dan Dhunna will want to speak with you in detail about what it is about your face that really bothers you and why you would like to have facial masculinisation. He will get to know you as a person before deciding on how to help you with a treatment of dermal fillers. He will also study your face in detail and look at the proportions of your facial features, to work out where to place dermal fillers for maximum effect. This will all take place in a no-obligation consultation meeting at one of his many clinics across the UK.

After both you and he have decided on the best course of action, Dr Dan Dhunna can then commence the treatment.

Depending on how many areas are to be treated, your dermal filler treatment may happen in one or more sessions. It’s important to work in a methodical and periodical way, so that both Dr Dan Dhunna and you can monitor your treatment and tweak anything that needs to be addressed a few weeks after your initial procedure.

Dr Dan Dhunna believes that any facial masculinisation treatment should be a journey and not rushed. You can add more but you can’t take away. Therefore, taking a conservative approach and then assessing you after 2 weeks, when any swelling or bruising will have subsided after your initial treatment, will guarantee the most natural-looking, impressive results.

It’s important to remember that your investment into a more masculine looking you may take a few sessions. You and Dr Dan Dhunna may decide on a treatment plan which involves more than one type of injectable treatment. He may wish to combine dermal fillers with Botox and skin boosters to really help you to get your masculine features back as well as achieving great skin quality, a must if you’re going to maintain good results. You’ll be able to work with Dr Dan Dhunna to achieve the look that both suits you best and gives you the naturally rested and revived appearance, as well as shaving some of those years away!

Dermal fillers are a highly-effective treatment for a more masculine, wide-awake and revived facial appearance. With Dr Dan Dhunna at the helm of your journey, you’ll be looking fitter, younger and healthier for years to come.

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