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Treating a tired face with dermal fillers

treating a tired face with fillersLooking or feeling tired?: When we think of a youthful face, we imagine smooth, glowing skin which is taught and plump with volume in areas such as the cheeks. A rounded or heart-shaped face with wide, sparkling eyes, dewy and full lips and a well-defined chin and jawline is synonymous with youth and vitality.

Unfortunately, as we begin to age, many changes in the facial anatomy, such as bone, fat and tissue loss as well as the depletion of vital substances within the skin, such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, can mean the face starts to droop, the eyes become sunken and lines appear.

The face can take on a more square appearance due to jowls and sagging cheeks and hollows can appear around the temples and eye sockets. This can all lead to a tired-looking face and lacklustre skin as well as dark circles and eye bags.

So what can we do about ageing and a tired-looking face?

Dan Dhunna is one of the world’s leading authorities in facial rejuvenation using temporary dermal fillers to restore volume, improve skin tone and elasticity and lift and sculpt the facial region for a more youthful-looking visage. He has studied alongside many of his medical peers to hone his skills, becoming one of the globe’s most sought after aficionados for non-surgical facial reconstruction.

From his collection of clinics around the UK, Dr Dan Dhunna treats thousands of loyal patients every year, time and time again, year in year out, so they maintain the most beautiful version of themselves with subtle changes for maximum effect.

How to treat a tired face with dermal fillers

Dermal fillers consist of hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a naturally occurring substance within the body, found in the connective tissues, joints, eyes and within the skin. It lubricates, hydrates, plumps and offers the skin that youthful, peachy texture and baby-soft glow that we all long for.

As we age, HA is lost and environmental factors such as excessive sunlight, pollution and lifestyle choices such as smoking can exacerbate the problem. Replenishing areas of the face that have lost tone, volume, plumpness and structure with a range of proven and tested dermal fillers can literally reconstruct the areas of the facial anatomy which cause that tired, sunken look.

Treatment areas:

  • Sunken temples
  • Jowls
  • Tear trough – for dark circles under your eyes
  • Thinning lips

Dr Dan Dhunna only uses the best products on the market from the safest sources. As we all know, you get what you pay for in life and when it comes to your most precious asset, your face, it’s important to look for quality rather than the cheapest option out there on the market.

For many of his treatments, Dr Dan Dhunna uses Juvaderm dermal fillers by global pharmaceutical giant, Allergan. Allergan is a leading global brand, respected by the cosmetic industry and will only sell their products to qualified medical professionals. This means you will have the peace of mind that what is being injected is pure, safe and the most effective for your chosen treatment.

Look more awake with a dermal filler treatment

Dr Dan Dhunna would be happy to take you through a no-obligation consultation to discuss how could treat you. Contact the clinics today to book your appointment.