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Top 5 cosmetic treatments for men

Dr Dan Dhunna's top 5 treatments for menFor today’s man, the choices for rejuvenating treatments have increased considerably, compared to years gone by and it’s no longer seen as ‘feminine’ or ‘weak’ for a guy to want to improve his looks and sense of wellbeing. From his clinics throughout the UK, Dr Dan Dhunna treats more and more men each year, who are looking to turn back the clock as well as treat conditions which may affect their confidence and every-day lives.

We have listed 5 top cosmetic treatments that men can undergo which are non-invasive and offer little-to-know downtime, preserving confidentiality but offering superb restorative results.


Botox has been used for years by millions of women, worldwide who have discovered the benefit of this highly-effective, wrinkle-smoothing elixir. Now, the number of men following suit is on the rise. Dr Dan Dhunna will always assess every patient who walks through his clinic doors, so ensure that they qualify, so don’t expect your first visit to be sitting in the chair straight away! Botox, when injected correctly by a medical practitioner can offer men a fresher, younger and less tired look, smoothing expression lines in a subtle way, to take a few years off but without looking as if they have had anything done.

The benefit of Botox is that it works within a few days to a week, lasts for up to 6 months and is pretty pain-free. You won’t leave the clinic looking like a pin cushion and won’t be put through hours of treatment to achieve a naturally more wide-awake appearance. Botox will treat dynamic wrinkles and expression lines but won’t be effective for those lines that are deeper set and non-moving. These can be treated, however, with dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers have always been a firm favourite for women to plump, sculpt and revitalise the facial features. Most commonly we think of dermal fillers to enhance the lip area for the perfect pout. However, did you know that dermal fillers can act in many different ways within the skin? From defining a sagging jawline and shapeless chin to helping reduce under-eye bags and hollow tear troughs?

The magic is in the mix when it comes to dermal fillers. They come in a range of viscosities for the many indications that they can treat. For example, if you want to achieve that chiselled jawline or enhance a weak chin, a heavier – cross-linked gel will be used, creating a scaffold for the overlying skin to sit and lifting up areas of sagging. For the tear troughs, a more fluid dermal filler will be used (due to the very delicate eye area and thinner skin texture) to lift the skin, disguise dark circles and improve under eye bags.

Dermal fillers are becoming more and more popular for today’s skin savvy gent as they last up to 2 years, so weekly or even monthly clinic visits aren’t necessary and the fact they sit in harmony with the skin’s own tissues ensures a natural-looking result. Again, a skilled, medical practitioner such as Dr Dan Dhunna makes all the difference when it comes to a safe and highly-effective treatment.

Skin Boosters and Profhilo

If you’re not quite ready for dermal fillers and want an overall improvement in your skin quality, tone and texture, Restylane skin boosters or a course of Profhilo®, a hyaluronic acid (HA) skin remodelling system could really up your skin’s game. Injectable skin boosters pack the skin tissues with HA, providing deep skin hydration and encouraging collagen and elastin production within the dermis layer.

These clinically-proven injectable substances can dramatically improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. Lines are less visible, areas of sallowness can be improved and tired-looking skin can be freshened up, without looking over-filled or ‘surgically’ enhanced. Dr Dan Dhunna will assess your individual concerns prior to choosing which brand of skin boosters he will use, to offer you the most effective results. Skin Boosters such as Restylane or Profhilo can also be used in conjunction with treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers in a holistic approach to facial improvement.

Botox for hyperhidrosis (excess sweating)

Many men suffer with excess sweating which can cause severe embarrassment and hinder everyday activities, such as working, close relationships, playing sports and choosing suitable, comfortable clothing. Hyperhidrosis can start during puberty and in most cases, stops when we reach adulthood; but in cases where excess sweating continues, injections with Botox in the affected area can be extremely effective and can last for months at a time. Botox works by blocking the nerves responsible for activating the sweat glands.

If you suffer with excess sweating, these nerves endings are overactive. Botox can temporarily paralyze the nerve endings, thus dramatically reducing or completely halting their production of excess sweat. Botox can be administered in the underarms, feet, hands and even the face and considerably reduces the symptoms of excess sweating. Dr Dan Dhunna will assess your condition in a pre-treatment consultation, prior to the procedure being carried out. As we have 2 to 4 million sweat glands in our bodies, having Botox treatments in specific areas will not hinder the body’s ability to regulate temperature and perspire naturally in other areas and is considered safe to administer for this purpose.

Trust one of the UKs best cosmetic doctors

Men are becoming more conscious about how they look as well as how they feel about themselves. Dr Dan Dhunna’s armoury of safe, proven and highly-effective injectable treatments for face and body can give you that confidence-boost that you might be seeking and are administered in a clinical and confidential environment for your peace of mind.

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