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Top 5 reasons why people choose dermal fillers

The facial anatomy changes over time.

The loss of vital tissues such as bone, muscle and fat can mean that the skin that covers them is less supported and can become lax and unsupported. The skin itself also suffers with age. Substances such as collagen, elastin and hydrating hyaluronic acid (HA) can mean the skin becomes wrinkled, thin and dehydrated. Fortunately there is a simple, non-surgical treatment that Dr Dan Dhunna administers to thousands of his patients every year from his clinics throughout the UK, which can assist with a myriad of concerns when it comes to facial ageing. This treatment is called injectable dermal fillers.

Dr Dan Dhunna’s patients love his work, due to his skill and expertise not only as a highly-qualified medical practitioner, but for his love of artistry when it comes to aesthetic beauty and the natural contours of the face.

His attention to detail is unsurpassed as is his empathy with his patients, who always return due to the magic he can create with a needle and a ‘whisper’ of product!

We have listed 5 key reasons why patients choose HA dermal fillers with Dr Dan Dhunna and the benefits that this treatment can offer.

A temporary treatment

Many ‘old style’ collagen fillers used to be a permanent treatment. As the face ages naturally, this would start to look a little strange.

As dermal fillers are temporary, Dr Dan Dhunna can work with your facial anatomy over the years and ‘tweak’ his treatment, so that you always maintain a naturally youthful appearance in keeping with your age and desires for results.

Dermal fillers are a safe product in the right hands

Dr Dan Dhunna insists on only the most respected, tried and tested and proven dermal fillers.

Most of the dermal fillers he uses are by Allergan, a pharmaceutical giant and highly-respected brand by those in the know. He also provides a range of alternatives with different properties, so that he can tailor the treatment for your individual needs.

At the top of his list of priorities is your patient safety and care, and this is why Dr Dan Dhunna will only use the very best quality products when administering injectable dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers add lost volume

Sunken and hollow areas such as the cheeks, temples, lower face, lips and tear troughs can be given a new lease of life with dermal fillers.

As fatty tissue is lost in these areas and the skin becomes thin and delicate, applying a dermal filler to plump out and define these areas can re-shape the face from a square to a more heart-shaped one, which is synonymous with a youthful appearance.

The techniques that Dr Dan Dhunna applies are learned over many years and therefore he will always deliver a natural-looking result, leaving you looking refreshed and revived.

Modern dermal fillers can make structural changes to the face

Certain areas of the face such as the nose and the jawline can be non-surgically enhanced using thicker dermal fillers with a cross-linking agent (for increased viscosity).

The dermal filler acts as a scaffold for these areas and can re-shape and re-structure them, so there’s no longer a need to go under the knife to re-shape your chin and jawline or make significant changes to your nose for a more youthful and pleasing appearance.

No general anaesthetic or hospital stay

We all know that with invasive surgery comes some potential and significant risks. Going under the knife means a general anaesthetic in most cases, as well as lengthy recovery time, possible scarring and side-effects to the surgery.

Dermal fillers negate the need for such drastic measures, and those who would prefer to hold off having facial surgery can benefit greatly from a treatment of dermal fillers with Dr Dan Dhunna.

Dermal fillers are leading the way for those wishing to undergo a less invasive treatment for facial ageing and with treatments, products and technologies ever-evolving, the road ahead is a positive one for these versatile, safe and comfortable procedures.

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