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Botox retains top non-surgical title

Botox best non surgical treatmentIt’s official! Botox is the most popular and researched non-surgical injectable treatments and for the 3rd time running, according to a report by RealSelf, the leading and most trusted source for people considering an elective cosmetic treatment. RealSelf is the destination for those who wish to learn more about cosmetic procedures such as wrinkle-smoothing injections (or Botox as it’s commonly known), to share their experiences and to also connect with top providers such as Dr Dan Dhunna; who has been administering Botox from his many clinics around the UK, for decades.

Essentially, Botox is so hugely popular as an anti-ageing treatment for the pure and simple reason that it works. When administered by a qualified medical professional such as Dr Dan Dhunna, (non-medics should not be using the substance as it is a controlled and prescribed medication ONLY to be used by qualified prescribers) Botox blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can then no longer contract, causing the wrinkles to ‘relax’ and soften for up to 6 months at a time.

Botox is most often used for the following indications:

• Forehead lines
• Crow’s feet
• Glabellar lines (the lines between your eyebrows at the top of the nose)
• Frown lines
• Bunny lines (sides of the nose)

It can also be used superficially to create an overall smoothing effect on the skin and for a ‘cobbled’ chin. Wrinkles caused by sun damage and gravity will not respond to Botox; these can be treated with other methods such as dermal fillers and skin boosters, which Dr Dan Dhunna can also offer.

As time has gone on, Botox has become more accepted and discussed and no longer seen as a taboo. Where once, women would hide the fact that they had injectable cosmetic procedures such as Botox, it is now so commonplace and part of many people’s regular self-improvement routine that Botox is as talked about as going to the hairdresser.

Finding a really talented Botox doctor is always hot on the lips of those in the know and news travels fast when it comes to seeking out a ‘gem’ who can expertly administer this treatment. Dr Dan Dhunna has been in the industry for longer than he cares to mention, but is a seasoned professional when it comes to obtaining the most natural, youthful and stunning results for his patients.

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