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Advanced injectable treatments in Solihull

When it comes to advanced injectable cosmetic treatments here in Solihull, Dr Dan Dhunna is the master. Being a highly-versed medical practitioner and utter perfectionist, Dr Dan Dhunna constantly researches the most innovative, revolutionary and effective injectable wrinkle-smoothers, fillers, skin-boosters and revitalisers.

Anti-wrinkle injections in Solihull

Dr Dan Dhunna only uses the most prestigious, proven and tested substances to enhance and revitalise your skin.

Botox by global giant, Allergan is the original and arguably the most well-known wrinkle-smoothing substance, commonly referred to by those in the profession as a ‘toxin’. This may sound scary but Botox is clinically-proven as safe and stable as an injectable treatments and millions of procedures are performed around the globe using this substance.

Dr Dan Dhunna also uses the Juvaderm range of dermal fillers manufactured by the same organisation. He also trusts Restylane, Ellanse, Sculptra, Belotero and Radiesse, tried and tested products that offer unique properties for a bespoke treatment.

Skin boosters in Solihull

Skin boosters ‘speak’ with the skin on a cellular level and unlike traditional fillers, work to help the skin maintain hydration, health and inner beauty by delivering vital vitamins, hyaluronic acid and skin revitalising ingredients in either 1 or a course of treatment. Restylane skin boosters are formulated to specifically provide deep skin hydration.

The two-formulation range, Restylane Vital and Restylane Vital Light are suitable for all skin types and can help to increase hydration and reach optimum skin quality. If you are seeking a product that will not add volume, but that will offer the skin the helping hand it needs to regain a youthful and natural appearance, skin boosters are the advanced injectable substances that can do the job perfectly.

No longer is there a limited choice when it comes to injectable solutions to a myriad of skin concerns. Skin boosters can work alongside traditional dermal fillers for a holistic treatment, provided by Dr Dan Dhunna at our Solihull clinic.

Address specific concerns with injectable treatments

Advanced injectable treatments can treat a huge variety of skin concerns and not just lines and wrinkles.

Botox can be used to smooth areas such as a cobbled chin, it also can be used in small amounts, more superficially to improve overall skin quality and a smooth appearance. Baby Botox is a hugely popular treatment for those just venturing into the world of injectable treatments and who may not need a full dosage perhaps because they are younger patients or just want a very subtle enhancement.

Dermal fillers can not only be used to add volume to sunken temples, hollow cheeks and thinning lips, but can improve the shape of the nose, chin and jawline for a more attractive and pleasing visage. Skin boosters can revive the skin, offering a child-like glow and peachy complexion.

Renowned cosmetic doctor in Solihull – Dr Dan Dhunna

With Dr Dan Dhunna’s medical skills and expertise as well as his artistic eye for anatomical perfection, you can be confident that following a no obligation consultation, he will be able to suggest and advise the most effective and suitable treatment for your individual desires and concerns, so that you can achieve a natural, youthful appearance to boost your feelings of vitality and wellbeing.

For more information, or to book a consultation with Dr Dan at his Solihull clinic, contact our team today.