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What is lip augmentation?

What is lip augmentation? If you’re interested in physical beauty and keen on cosmetic enhancement, you’ll no doubt already be aware that the lips are a feature that can be improved using a method commonly referred to by those in the know as ‘injectables’.

Injectable treatments are non-surgical procedures that enhance or ‘augment’ the facial features for a more pleasing or youthful appearance. Lips have become one of the key areas of focus in the past 10 years and treating this area is now one of the most sought after and popular ways to enhance and correct abnormalities and ageing within the facial area.

Dr Dan Dhunna is a master when it comes to lip augmentation using injectable, temporary dermal fillers as he has been performing this treatment for over 15 years from his clinics based all over the UK.

There are many aesthetic doctors who claim to have extensive knowledge and experience in lip augmentation, but be aware, that some have only recently started performing this most delicate and precise treatment after a one-day training course, therefore, you would be somewhat of a ‘guinea pig’ for them, if you indeed, went for a treatment with such a doctor.

What is lip augmentation? The treatment process

Lip augmentation is a fine art. There are several aspects that need to be taken into consideration before your practitioner touches you with a needle.

Your individual style and requirements, your medical history, the balance of the anatomy of your face and the products most suitable to use, all need to be carefully looked at prior to any treatment. This happens in a compulsory consultation with Dr Dan Dhunna as he refuses to take this treatment lightly and will want to know all there is to know about you and your preferences, as well as your health and wellbeing beforehand. You can ask as many questions as you wish: what is lip augmentation going to feel like, look like etc.

There is also a cooling-off period, which Dr Dan Dhunna will allow you, in order to make an educated and informed decision about whether lip augmentation using dermal fillers is indeed, the path which you would like to take.

Once the preliminary checks have all been made and you are confident and happy to go ahead with the procedure, then Dr Dan Dhunna will invite you back to one of his many clinics in the UK for the injectable treatment.

Dr Dan Dhunna believes that less is more when it comes to dermal fillers for the lips. Intricately sculpting and placing the product of choice into the most appropriate areas for the most natural-yet-subtle results for outstanding beauty and enhanced youth and vitality. Ensuring that you don’t look ‘over-filled’ is essential to the most pleasing outcome, as well as using regulated and tested products for superior texture and feel.

Lip augmentation results

Results from a lip augmentation treatment using dermal fillers should last between 6 to 12 months however, this does depend on your individual response to the product, as some people metabolise dermal fillers faster in this area. However, this will all be explained in your no-obligation consultation with Dr Dan Dhunna. As you will be returning for regular treatments, Dr Dan Dhunna can analyse your response to various products and alter the dosage or viscosity if required.

Accept no imitations when it comes to lip augmentation and you’ll experience the very best results with no complications or disappointment.

Contact Dr Dan Dhunna today to make your appointment at one of his London and UK-wide clinics.