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How long do dermal fillers last?

how long will my dermal filler lastHow long do dermal fillers last? Dermal fillers, when administered carefully by a fully-qualified and highly-skilled medical professional are extremely effective for facial rejuvenation.

They can lift sagging facial areas, fill and plump out lines, enhance the lips and even re-shape and contour the nose. But how long do dermal fillers last? And are they worth the money?

This question is difficult to answer in one sentence, as there are several factors that influence how long your fillers last.

So, how long do dermal fillers last?

Firstly, it will depend on the area you have had treated.

For example, dermal fillers in an area which pertains a lot of movement such as the lips won’t last as long as those for example that are administered into the cheeks. This is because the lips will metabolise the product due to the constant movement of the muscles underneath. In static areas where there is little muscle movement, dermal fillers should last longer.

Different dermal filler brands

Another contributing factor to how long your dermal fillers will last is the quality and density of the product which is used.

Dr Dan Dhunna will only use highly-regulated, tested and approved dermal fillers which are of the most superior quality. Dermal fillers come in a variety of thicknesses and some are ‘cross-linked’ to make them more viscous and longer-lasting. They type of dermal filler used in the nose area will be very thick and supporting, whereas, in the tear trough area, a thinner, less viscous product will be used to ensure that it is dispersed evenly and does not show underneath the very fine skin around the eyes.

The viscosity of a dermal filler will also determine how long they will stay in the body before naturally dispersing.

Best dermal filler clinic

Ensuring that you get the utmost efficacy and longevity from your dermal filler procedure, it’s important to choose a highly-skilled medical professional to administer the treatment. One who will use only the most prestigious products and one who certainly knows what they are doing.

Dr Dan Dhunna has many years’ experience as one of the world’s leading aesthetic doctors, performing thousands of dermal filler treatments a year and obtaining beautiful, lasting results.

Prior to any treatment with Dr Dan Dhunna, he will insist on a pre-treatment consultation to ensure that you understand everything there is to know about the treatment and that you are fit and well to proceed. He will also explain estimated results timings and how often you should expect to return each year to maintain your results. You can ask Dr Dan any questions, including ‘how long do dermal fillers last?’, based on your desired treatment area.

For more information about dermal filler treatments with Dr Dan Dhunna, contact our friendly team at any one of our clinics around the UK.