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When should I start having Botox?

When should I start having Botox?  In today’s society, it’s nowhere near as shocking as it used to be, to have an interest in injectable cosmetic treatments as early as in our 20s. At his clinics throughout the UK, Dr Dan Dhunna is constantly being asked the question about when it’s appropriate or needed to have Botox as a winkle-smoothing procedure. It should be noted that Botox is a brand-name of a prescription-only medicine.

According to Dr Dan, he has seen an influx of younger patients opting for preventative cosmetic treatments sooner rather than later. So here is Dr Dan’s take on the ages to start thinking about having Botox and why…

Botox in your 20s

Lines that start to stick around when you smile, frown or pull an expression can be effectively treated with Botox and in our mid to late 20s this can indeed be the case. However, it’s worth taking into consideration that Dr Dhunna is extremely conservative when it comes to administering Botox to anyone under the age of 25 as it’s very rare that lingering lines will be present at this age.

If you are concerned about the early onset of ageing and you’re in your early 20s, it might be worth having a consultation with Dr Dan, to discuss your general health, skin routines and lifestyle choices. It may be that you can have some other, non-injectable treatments and make a few changes such as the products you use on your face and giving up smoking for example, to hinder those tell-tale lines before the need for wrinkle-smoothing injections is a reality.

However, if he believes it is a necessity and you want to take the preventative route, Dr Dan offers ‘Baby Botox’ a low dose Botox injection procedure which might be just what you need if you are a younger patient.

Botox in your 30s

Your 30s are the key stage at which significant signs of ageing such as sun damage and expression lines can appear. It all depends on how you have treated your skin in your 20s as to the results you’re getting in your 30s.

If you’re a sun-lover, drink excessively or smoke, your skin is likely to be showing the signs of ageing more readily in your 30s. Or you may just be unlucky and your genetic makeup means you have this tendency. However, the amount of people visiting Dr Dhunna in their 30s for Botox is on the rise and he would agree that at this stage, the use of Botox for expression and dynamic lines could act as a good preventative measure for those later years to come, keeping those nuisance lines at bay for months at a time.

Botox in your 40s

Your 40s are when mother nature can really get her claws into the skin and the ageing process takes hold. Loss of collagen and elastin within the dermis of the skin will have been significant by now, so the skin’s ‘bounce back’ ability will not be as effective as in your 20s and 30s.

If you haven’t started having Botox by now, it may be a good time to invest in these treatments. You’ll more than likely notice a significant improvement in those deeper expression lines and will experience smoother, tighter skin as a result. For darker skins, the age to start Botox can be slightly later, due to the thickness and resilience of these skin types in comparison to Caucasian skin (the most susceptible to sun damage, lines and dehydration). However, anyone who is experiencing forehead lines, Glabellar lines, crow’s feet or even things such as a dimpled chin will hugely benefit from wrinkle-smoothing injections in this age group.

When should I start having Botox – your consultation

Before any treatment can go ahead with Dr Dan Dhunna, he will always conduct a no-obligation consultation with you. This meeting allows him to examine your skin, research your medical history and devise a suitable plan for your ongoing treatment. This is also a chance to ask any questions you may have, such as ‘when should I start having Botox’, ‘is Botox safe’ and ‘how long does Botox last’. Only then will he be happy to administer Botox as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

Having Botox injections is safe for anyone over the age of 18 who is in good medical health and requires treatment and Dr Dan Dhunna has perfected the art of ‘subtle’ enhancement, bringing you naturally beautiful results without looking ‘frozen’ or ‘over-done’.

When should I start having Botox? Ask Dr Dan Dhunna

For more information or to simply discuss your thoughts with Dr Dan Dhunna about the right time to have wrinkle treatment, contact our team and arrange a no-obligation appointment.