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Your Botox consultation with Dr Dan

Your Botox consultation with Dr DanYour Botox consultation with Dr Dan Dhunna: If you’re considering having wrinkle-smoothing injections (or Botox as the treatment is commonly termed) you might be wondering how to take those first steps in to the world of aesthetics.

Although Botox is an extremely common procedure when it comes to cosmetic enhancement, it is still a medically prescribed drug and therefore needs to be administered by a highly knowledgeable and well-qualified medical doctor, nurse or dentist.

Dr Dan Dhunna has been practicing aesthetic medicine for many years and is an experienced visual artist as well as holding all the necessary and vital medical qualifications to administer this treatment.

Dr Dan Dhunna’s approach to the consultation

From his vast collection of clinics around the UK, Dr Dhunna conducts a no-obligation Botox consultation prior to any treatment being agreed. If you have never had a consultation with Dr Dan Dhunna, prepare yourself to expect a highly-professional and empathic approach.

Dr Dan Dhunna will ask you about the reasons you are looking to have Botox injections and will also study the fine contours of your facial anatomy, so he can paint a picture in his mind of how he will address your various concerns for the best results possible. This is a unique opportunity to familiarise yourself on the procedure itself as well as to get to know Dr Dan Dhunna a little better.

He will not only offer you all the advice and information you need to make an informed decision but, as Botox injections are temporary and required every 3 to 8 months, will make it his mission to get to know you as a person, to start to build a relationship that will last.

Remember, Botox is a superb wrinkle-smoothing treatment, but Dr Dan Dhunna has an armoury of procedures to complement Botox treatments and may advise you on other procedures that could enhance your features all the more.

Reflecting after a Botox consultation

After your Botox consultation, you will be offered a period to consider your decision carefully. You will not be under any pressure to go ahead with the Botox treatment on the same day as your consultation and this is a necessary and responsible thing for any doctor to offer their patient (though you can go ahead on the day if you wish). Never feel pressured to have any cosmetic treatment. You should feel confident, happy and excited to go ahead, not apprehensive or worried. Dr Dan Dhunna will ensure that you are fully satisfied that Botox is the treatment for you, before moving forward.

As a facial artist and medically-trained professional, Dr Dan Dhunna has the edge over his competition in the arena of cosmetic enhancement. His kind, caring and down-to-earth manner will ensure that you feel relaxed and calm throughout your consultation and his extensive knowledge will resonate throughout, so ensure you ask all the questions you need to make sure you are content to go ahead with the treatment.

Book a Botox consultation in London, the Midlands or the Cotswolds

Botox is a quick and highly-effective procedure to reduce unwanted expression lines and dynamic wrinkles and with Dr Dhunna on your side, your face is in expert hands for beautiful results, time-after-time.

Contact the Dr Dan Dhunna clinical team today to find out more about anti-wrinkle treatments, or to book a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to meeting you.