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It’s 2019 – Botox for men is accepted!

botox for menBotox for Men: Botox is the most widely administered and adored, non-surgical, anti-ageing treatment in the UK. Thousands of British women wouldn’t be without their bi-annual visit to their trusted medical aesthetic doctor to undergo this quick and effective treatment. Why has Botox become so popular amongst British women?

The fact is that it’s clinically proven to relax the facial muscles which cause expression lines and to temporarily smooth areas such as crow’s feet and forehead lines. There are more Botox treatments performed per thousand people in the UK than in the USA!

Anti-wrinkle treatments are seen as a ‘must-have’ for many women, who would rather pay for Botox than buy that oh-so-fabulous pair of Vuitton’s! However, at Dr Dan Dhunna’s UK clinics, we are seeing more and more men approach us for this treatment.

Why has it taken time for Botox for men to catch up?

In days gone by, it was seen as ‘un-manly’ for a heterosexual, middle-aged man to undergo any kind of injectable cosmetic skin treatment. A shave, a nose and ear hair trim and a slap of moisturiser (perhaps) was what many men deemed as ‘enough’. But, times are changing. More women are encouraging their other halves to take better care of themselves and with divorce rates rising, the middle-aged man is looking to injectable treatments to revitalise and restore his looks.

Botox is no longer the ‘hot little secret’ of male models and LGBTQ gents! In the UK nowadays, it’s far more accepted and encouraged for a ‘regular guy’ to perk up his appearance with a treatment of Botox.

So how come the change?

A lot of men who are in the public eye are now undergoing Botox treatments. Celebrities, film stars and iconic male models and actors openly admit to having Botox and other injectable treatments. Men from the age of 30 are starting to see the benefits of this non-surgical treatment and not feeling embarrassed to join their female counterparts in a visit to their cosmetic doctor.

As more men in the public eye encourage the use of non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the media and on TV, the average male is coming around to the idea and feeling more comfortable about talking about it too.

What to expect from a Botox appointment

A Botox treatment, when administered correctly and expertly can look incredibly natural. That ‘frozen’ look doesn’t have to be the end result and for guys who are a little nervous, Baby Botox, a treatment which uses smaller doses of product for an ‘entry-level’ treatment can be administered to ease someone in to the idea of having Botox for the first time.

The approach of the cosmetic doctor is super-important when it comes to putting men at ease with Botox injections. Dr Dan Dhunna has an empathic, professional and confidential approach and in a matter-of-fact way will explain in a no-obligation consultation everything you need to know about the treatment and any aftercare instructions to follow. This will put you at ease and give you the confidence and knowledge you need to make an informed decision about having the treatment.

Botox for men with Dr Dan Dhunna, leading UK expert

To get better-looking skin without looking over-done or frozen, a treatment with Botox with Dr Dan Dhunna could be just what you need.

As 2020 approaches, it’s time to get rid of the stigma around men having cosmetic injectable treatments and get on with looking healthier, younger and more revitalised. Botox for men is accepted!

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