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Less Is More – Too Much Dermal Filler?

Too Much Dermal Filler: Dermal fillers are one of the most popular and effective injectable treatments for the enhancement and revitalisation of the facial contours and for improved skin hydration. However, we have all seen some pretty awful photos in the press, of celebrities and reality TV stars who have had way too much filler and not only that, poorly injected product. This can lead to the well-known ‘trout pout’ or ‘puffy face’ we recognise in those sensationalising papers and glossy magazines.

It’s not only superstars that can end up going overboard with dermal filler for cosmetic enhancement.

Those who aren’t perhaps fully in the know when it comes to choosing the right aesthetic practitioner can fall foul of being ‘over-filled’ with cheap, unregulated products (which can lead to serious disfigurement and health problems) and looking strange as these poorly qualified and badly trained practitioners don’t have the unique and deep understanding of the facial anatomy and how to naturally enhance its contours.

Less Is More

When it comes to dermal filler, the ‘less is more’ approach for a natural and subtle enhancement is the ethos that Dr Dan Dhunna upholds. A highly-qualified medical professional and keen artist with an eye for making the most of your unique assets whilst creating smooth and youthful contours with pure, proven and regulated dermal filler products such as Juvaderm, by world renowned pharmaceutical brand, Allergan.

Dr Dhunna has had years of experience in facial rejuvenation using injectable, temporary dermal fillers and treats thousands of patients from his clinics based around the UK.

Assessment and lanning, not overfilling

Dr Dan Dhunna will carefully assess your facial contours and anatomy as well as the quality of your skin in a no obligation pre-treatment consultation. This will be your opportunity to discuss at length and in-depth what your concerns are and your expectations for results. You will also be able to draw on the extensive knowledge and advice from Dr Dan Dhunna in order to make an informed decision.

What you think you may need, from speaking with friends, loved ones and those you know who have had injectable dermal fillers, may not be what Dr Dan Dhunna advises for you. Many people make the mistake of using the measurement of product as an indicator of what they will require.

For example, asking for 1ml of Juvaderm for one person might work well, but for you, you may only need 0.5ml for the same effect. Dr Dhunna will assess what you require and in treatment, will judge how your skin responds to the product in a gentle and minimal way, initially. Remember, you can always add but you cannot take away, when it comes to injectable dermal fillers.

Lip Enhancenent by Dr Dan Dhunna

What is a dermal filler treatment like?

During the treatment, you will be made to feel as comfortable as possible and Dr Dhunna may use a topical anaesthesia to numb any initial sensation. Most injectable dermal fillers contain Lidocaine, which is an anaesthetic substance; so you should not feel pain. You may feel some tugging and pulling if the doctor uses a cannula to inject the product and he may wish to massage the product in to certain areas, which can feel a little uncomfortable but will not last long.

Upon your first treatment with Dr Dan Dhunna, he will take a conservative approach and welcomes you to return around 2 weeks later, should you feel that a top up is needed or any correction of asymmetry. It’s at this point that the product has had time to settle and integrate with your skin tissues, therefore giving at least 2 weeks between the initial and top up treatment is recommended.

Jawline enhancement by Dr Dan Dhunna

It’s important to consider that dermal filler treatments do need to be repeated to maintain results, albeit in most cases many months apart. Therefore, thinking of your treatment journey as a long-term relationship with Dr Dan Dhunna and not a one-time fix with the cheapest option at the time, will mean that you get consistency and continuity. He will also be able to make subtle changes according to your individual response to product each and every time you visit, so you stay looking as naturally beautiful as the very first treatment. Dr Dhunna will get to know your face as well as his own!

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